Four... Three... Two... ONE...   🎉 🥳

Hi everybody! Wow. Can you believe it’s already the last week of December? Time flies when you’re working hard!

We’ve spent 2021 bringing about as many improvements to your digital banking experience as possible. We know you’ll love catching up with the latest wins in this month's statement, too.

Before you dive into updates below, let me wish everyone a wonderful start to winter and a Happy New Year on behalf of our team. We’ll see you in 2022!

New feature • Online

Easier access to documents

You’ve probably noticed the Documents quick action has finally made it into Banno Online™️! This addition is built to support either our native documents or the SSO your institution has configured, and no additional support case is needed.

That means your users can now jump from the dashboard right to the Documents screen—where they'll discover new search and filtering options that make finding the right document much easier. Both the quick action and the enhanced filters shipped earlier this month, so if your institution has Documents configured, your users should already be enjoying a better experience.

Speaking of experiences, yours matters to us! So thank you for your patience while we worked through the kinks associated with this highly configurable aspect of our apps.

Digital illustration related to Jack Henry Digital's Toolkit.
Heads up • Toolkit

Digital Toolkit office hours

We recognize that some of you have technical questions about the Digital Toolkit. We're excited to see folks have begun using our Stack Overflow tag, #banno-digital-toolkit, to find answers and discuss the Toolkit as part of a broader community.

We also know that answers to technical questions aren’t always easy to follow as written communication and documentation, and certain questions are simply better answered face to face. With that in mind, our Developer Advocates have started hosting Digital Toolkit Office Hours on a monthly basis—currently scheduled for 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month.

To join us and ask your technical questions, sign up now: Banno Events

Heads up • Apps

❗️Reminder: App Store updates

Remember that both Apple and Google have changed their App Store requirements. To ensure that our continuous development system can build, deploy, and manage all aspects of your application, we need your help making updates to your institution’s developer account.

These instructions should make the updates as headache-free as possible: Deploying Banno apps

New Feature • Mobile & Online

Plaid Exchange: A Happy Holidays tale

In last month's edition of 'The Plaid and the Restless,' you learned that our engineers were about to wrap our side of things and that the Plaid team was hot on our trail, hoping to finish their work by the new year.

This month, the plot picked up pace again when Plaid's developers completed customer migration a few weeks earlier than expected! With testing complete and plenty of feedback to confirm that the apps are connecting easily and performing well, it's time to bring this integration origin story to a close. Ready for the big reveal?

It's official. Plaid Exchange is now available—for a faster, more-reliable, and more-secure connection when users link their accounts to third-party apps. Remember, this integration does not require a support case; however, you'll want to stash this email in your back pocket in case you run into issues and need to reach out to Plaid:

New feature • Online

Updated transaction retrieval

As part of the focus on improving our app experiences for users with many accounts, we've rethought Banno Online’s mechanism for retrieving transactions. At a high level, Online now fetches a certain number of transactions rather than returning a number of days’ worth. This incremental improvement results in a much-more performant app as well as more control and visibility into the amount of data being retrieved.

Retrieving transactions in Online will feel faster for the vast majority of users, but not much else has changed for them. All users—regardless of their transaction volume—still enter a search term or click See more to easily access many months worth of transactions on each account. The select few who do manage a high volume of transactions, however, now have easier access to recent transactions and more reliable access to transactions in general, though they may need to load more transactions several times to find those from days or months in the past.

The tradeoff is that before this change, such users often had issues completing a sync at all. This isn't the end of the story, though. More improvements are on the way!

Enhancement • Apps

2FA short codes

To help address the issue of carrier rate limiting, which can undercut users’ ability to receive security codes for Banno authentication, we’re introducing a new short code for sending users their unique 2FA codes as SMS messages. The work is nearly complete, and we’re testing now.

This important security enhancement requires a specific answer in your institution’s Privacy Notice. By enabling this enhancement you verify that you have reviewed your Privacy Notice and it follows the guidelines.

To see if your institution already complies with the Privace Notice policy and can therefore enable the new 2FA option soon, please review the eligibility requirements:

Finally, a New Year's toast 🍾

Ahem, clink clink clink clink... Just one more order of business. We'd like to raise a glass to everyone who had an especially tough 2021—so, you know, pretty much everyone.

Here's hoping 2022 has plenty of laughs, love, and easy living roadmapped for you and yours! 🥂  —your friends at Banno

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.