Hey all! As we soak up the last days of summer and look forward to the cool, crispness of fall, we’re excited to bring you the latest work from our team. From auto replies in Banno Conversations, to new ways of learning how to build your own custom integrations, we’re bringing you the latest and greatest updates—no matter the season!

New feature • Mobile, Online, & People

NuDetect challenge score at login

Hey NuDetect customers! You will soon be able to start enforcing a risk event on suspicious and fraudulent activity. When available in Banno People℠, under Settings, you will find a new NuDetect configuration where you can set a threshold score on each of the three supported locations: login, account enrollment, and account recovery. If the NuDetect score is equal to or above the score you set, it will trigger a high-risk event, keeping your apps safe and secure. This feature will be run through a brief beta test and then automatically be enabled for all NuDetect customers in the coming weeks. No support case is necessary.

Heads up • Mobile & Online

Documents update

Our teams are working hard to correct a couple of issues we’ve encountered with the new Documents quick action and list view. For some institutions, this resulted in the quick action missing altogether. For others, the documents link within Account Details wasn’t taking users to the right place. Unfortunately, the nature of our complex documents configurations resulted in these things not working correctly for some institutions once we rolled it out.

You can look forward to fixes landing in Banno Mobile™️ version 2.34, and this will also be appearing in Banno Online™️ within a few weeks.

Heads up • Mobile, Online, & People

Even more 2FA options

We’re continuing to improve the way two-factor authentication (2FA) works in our apps. Banno Mobile version 2.35 (our October release) will add support for Symantec VIP tokens as a 2FA method. Once released, you’ll have the ability to enable this option for your users in Banno People. To learn more about 2FA options, visit the Authenticator Apps section of the Knowledge Base article.

In addition, we've added a user-based override for all 2FA methods to People. If you want to enable certain methods for specific users, you can now make this change on the Security settings for those users.

Coming soon • Mobile & Online

Principal only payments for CUs

Our credit union customers will soon be able to turn on principal only payments for their members. This feature will be configured in the Transfers settings of Banno People. To enable, you’ll just need to configure a list of loan types that are eligible for principal only payments. This feature is development complete and currently in Beta. You will not need to open a case to take advantage of this enhancement, and we’ll let you know when this is available for you to get started in People.

New feature • Support, Mobile, & Online

Auto replies

​​As we’ve teased over the last few months, auto replies are coming to Banno Support℠! Once you have auto replies set up, and your users are on Mobile version 2.34, they will start seeing your auto replies if you have them configured (Online will release around the same time). Here’s how to get started when it's available:

  • In Support, navigate to Saved Replies and create a reply you’d like to use as an auto reply. You may create one for during support hours, one for after hours, or one for both.
  • After those are saved, head over to Rule Management and create a new rule.
  • Once the dialog is open, name your rule and select When a new case is created and By an end user.
  • Next, choose Then automatically reply with and select your saved reply.
  • Depending on the reply you chose, select either Apply to support hours or Apply to after hours (or both, if you want this auto reply to be used at any time of day).
  • Set the rule to Active, save it, and enjoy the benefits of setting improved customer expectations! :)

Note: Only one auto reply can be configured during a period of time, and they can only currently be sent When a new case is created by an end user. We will be adding more ways you can utilize auto replies in the future, so stay tuned!

More details will soon be available on the Knowledge Base. If you already use Support and Conversations, this will be rolling out to you within the next couple weeks—no support case necessary.

Heads up • Toolkit

Getting started with the Toolkit

We have created Getting Started pages for each feature of the Banno Digital Toolkit℠ to make it even easier to learn how to build your own custom integrations.

Heads up • Mobile, Online, & People

PSCU transactions configuration

Earlier this year we made an enhancement for our credit union friends to make better transactions and account information available via PSCU. In a prior statement, we indicated that you would be able to configure this within Banno People. While still true, we ran into a few snags that resulted in steps we have to take prior to providing that ability to you. Starting today, we’re making a small change to how this feature is initially configured:

  • If you already have this enhancement enabled, you are all set!
  • If you do not already have this enhancement enabled, we have hidden this configuration within People to allow our team to work with you to complete the additional setup outside of our layer. Once those steps are completed, we’ll get this turned on for you to manage into the future.

To enable, please open a case through the For Clients Portal with our Support team and we’ll get you routed to the appropriate team member for setup.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused for those looking to take advantage of this enhancement. We feel these changes will make for a much better experience going forward!

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.