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July 2021

Remove aggregated accounts, email validation with 2FA enrollment, & Cash management email support

Summer is in full swing, and we hope everyone is able to get out and enjoy it! In the meantime, our teams here have been cranking away to bring you some updates and make sure you have all the latest features to make banking fast and easy. Don’t worry—the crew is also getting out to enjoy the warm weather. We work hard and play hard here at Banno. 😎

Heads up • App Stores

❗️Reminder - App Store updates

We work hard to ensure we’re managing all aspects of the app deployment process for our customers. As you may recall from the Monthly Meetup, prior statements, and SLA communication as recent as this week, we need your help with some upcoming changes in our process due to new Apple and Google requirements. These changes require the account owner access, which is retained by your financial institution. Please reference the latest SLA communication that was sent earlier this week containing detailed instructions (subject: “Banno App Deployment Requirements”), or navigate here for more information. Please have all changes completed by Tuesday, August 10.

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New feature • Mobile & Online

Improved handling of "Closed" conversations

We’ve been working on a few handy improvements to Banno Support℠. This should make managing cases more efficient than ever and enable your team to focus on helping users in need.

First, we recently released the ability to set cases back to Unassigned both manually and with Rule management. This is convenient for upcoming vacations you may have planned, or even last-minute sick days. Second, you’ll soon start seeing Watch options available in Support, enabling your team to either keep tabs on relevant conversations or stop watching cases they no longer need to focus on. Finally, as a result of the building blocks mentioned above, we’re building in automation to treat previously Closed cases as New cases in the event the user reopens a conversation by sending a message.

All of this is coming very soon, and requires no configuration nor support case. Once this automation is ready for release, we’ll make sure to send out some communication, as we know it may impact some processes your teams have in place.

New feature • Mobile

Remove aggregated accounts

We know your users don’t only bank in one place, and though it hurts, we understand. Often those extra accounts fall dormant, particularly as we release new features. Now all users of your FI can remove those extra accounts through the mobile app too. Go to Settings, tap the account you’d like to remove, and click the trash can icon located in the top-right header area. Before, the ability to remove extra accounts was only on Online, but now it’s also available on Mobile. Go ahead and remove any extra accounts you don’t need!

Heads up • CIF 20/20

Holds on external transfers

Here’s a little ‘Did you know’ for our CIF 20/20 core financial institution friends!

Did you know that you can apply multi-day holds for inbound external transfers? This helps reduce your risk of an ACH item being returned while in transit to your financial institution. Within the Core ACH Parameter Menu, under the ACH Vendor/Product Parameter Maintenance, you can include the Vendor Name (JHA) and the Product Name (BannoMobile) to begin applying holds at the amount and duration of time that you determine. No need to open a case with support—this is baseline functionality.

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Heads up • Mobile & Online

Users with no accounts

We recognize that some of your users love the Banno Digital Platform️ but currently have no active accounts, and we know those folks have had some challenges to date. We’re happy to report that after looking into how best to support those users, we’ve taken some steps to enhance their experience. Previously when logging in, if the app encountered certain errors, the dashboard failed to load all of the user’s information. To circumvent the error and make all your users feel at home right away, our engineers have rewritten the code to more elegantly handle any minor errors during the login process rather than preventing the dashboard from loading.

In short, now your users without accounts can properly tour the Banno app for a first-hand look at just how powerful and convenient a digital banking platform can be.

Heads up • Toolkit

Permissions flow

We have written an article describing how data permissions are granted via our Authentication Framework. Financial institutions can limit or restrict 3rd party access to sensitive user data when using our Open API.

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Coming soon • Support, Mobile, & Online

Auto replies

​​“Hello?! Is anyone there?” Sound familiar at all? If you’ve seen this a time or two in Banno Support, we think we have a solution that will help. Just around the corner is the ability to send auto replies to your users upon starting a conversation. We’ve integrated this functionality deeply within Banno Support so it can be easily configured using tools your teams are already familiar with. We are adding a new option to Rule management so you can choose to send a Saved Reply whenever a new conversation is started by an end user.

With an auto reply in place, your users will know whether to expect help in a few minutes or a few hours—and you can even set a separate auto reply for after hours. This will all come standard with Support, with no contract or case needed. All you’ll need to do is create the rule once this is available, and we’ll soon be providing instructions for doing so.

New feature • Mobile & Online

Email validation with 2FA enrollment

We’re making a security improvement to the way two factor authentication (2FA) works when a user isn’t enrolled in any 2FA methods. If a user is new to 2FA or has removed all of their 2FA methods, an extra step is being added to limit unauthorized access. Users will now be asked to validate a one time password via the email address stored in core or the Cash Management profile. Once a 2FA method is enrolled, additional methods won’t require this additional verification step. This security enhancement will come along with our 2.33 release, and requires no configuration nor support case.

New feature • Mobile & Online

Cash management email support

To add a little icing to the cake, our Cash Management users will now be able to have their own email addresses in Banno. Previously we used the email address associated with the NetTeller ID, meaning all sub-users showed the same email address. On August 16, we’ll update our systems to use the email address from the Cash Management user profile with no configuration needed. This means Cash Management users will be able to validate for new 2FA enrollment, receive email alerts, and recover accounts using their own email address.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact support.

Release notes are posted in the ForClients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.



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