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June 2021

Message list filtering, Full Service Credit Card loyalty balance for banks, Payments landing page, & more

Summer has arrived and Banno is bringing the heat. We know our June update will help get the party started! 🎉

New feature • Mobile & Online

Full Service Credit Card (FSCC) loyalty balance for banks

Your users can now find their loyalty balance points alongside their other account information for banks with FSCC. This will help your users keep tabs on their current reward opportunities and when they need to use them. This will start appearing for all users with FSCC accounts as of Mobile version 2.32—no configuration required!

New feature • Mobile, Online, & People

View hold amounts and other balance details

Starting with our 2.32 Mobile release, your users will be able to view hold amounts and other balance details like sweep amount, overdraft limit, and more! This requires you display Available as the primary balance in Banno, and that each individual field is also configured in your Available Balance Calculation Tables. To get into the weeds, Banno will show the attributes selected in DDPAR 40 (Silverlake) or DDPAR 27 (CIF 20/20) for the appropriate table, which have a corresponding balance.

Beyond that, no configuration nor support case is required. This feature is currently limited to banks using either the Silverlake or CIF 20/20 core and will begin displaying for users inside of the balance info dialog as information is available—individual fields, such as hold amount, will only display if a hold exists.

New feature • Mobile

Payments landing page

Viewing all payments in Banno Mobile will now be possible with the new payments landing page. This screen adds the ability to see payments from all payees in a single spot and to search/filter payees, matching the functionality of Banno Online. This enhancement will be included in Banno Mobile version 2.32 shipping in early July.

Need another reason to celebrate? The new landing page also takes us further down the path toward removing the iPay SSO and, ultimately, providing a more-seamless API integration experience that's fully baked into the Banno app.

Coming soon • Mobile & Online

Principal only loan payments for credit unions

𝄞 No, you can't hurry love. 𝄞 The Supremes may be right, but we sure don't love making you 'just have to wait' for principal only loan payments! Thankfully, interested credit union members will soon be able to make principal only payments for configured loan types—finally!

In early July, we’ll be adding a configuration to Banno People that will allow you to specify which Loan Types should be eligible to receive principal only payments. Once these are configured, your users will have the flexibility to make either a regular payment or a principal only payment. You won’t need to open a case for this functionality, and once the ability to configure supported loans is available, we'll share the news via release notes.

Heads up • Security

Summer security reminders

After months cooped up inside, we’re all ready for vacation! Sadly, cybercriminals are ready too, and they’re hoping you’ll handover the keys to the company safe.

Keep the vault shut with these hot tips:

  • Update your apps and ensure that each has a unique password rather than using creds from a social site to sign in.
  • Bluetooth and public wifi both give hackers a path to your data, so use wired accessories in public areas and spin up a hotspot from your phone, ideally protected by a VPN. Don’t forget to disable your Auto Join Wifi Networks setting!
  • Never leave work devices unattended, even if they’re hidden. If it can be reached, it can be stolen.
  • Finally, remember to review emails for security risks before clicking links or downloading files. You want a vacation, not a phishing expedition!

An average $2.9 million is lost to cybercrime (globally) every 60 seconds. —

Email phishing accounts for roughly 80% of all cyber attacks. —

New feature • Mobile & Online

Message list filtering

For users with transaction, balance, and other alerts set up, or who just love chatting with their friendly neighborhood financial institution, finding a particular message or conversation can be a little tough due to the sheer number of messages in their inbox. To remedy this, we’ve added filtering to the Messages screen in both Mobile and Online. Additionally, over the next two releases each screen will be getting a subtle facelift—we think they’re looking snazzy. All of this will be at zero lift, no configuration nor support case necessary. Message filtering is already live in Online and will hit Mobile with our 2.32 release.

Coming soon • Mobile & Online

Invoicing and payment acceptance plugins

In case you haven’t heard, we are adding two new features to Banno Online and Banno Mobile to help you better serve and monetize micro and small businesses.

The way a business accepts payments is shifting from in-person to online. Our new free Banno Plugins, powered by Autobooks, will enable your business clients to send digital invoices and accept card and ACH-based payments online or in app. The features will be added as part of an upcoming release in mid-August.

  • Better compete against BigTech and MegaBanks by helping business owners accept digital payments
  • Earn non-interest fee income every time a business owner gets paid through the Plugins
  • Establish primacy with your small business owners by eliminating their need to use third party services to accept payments
  • Get to market quickly through our automated update process taking place in mid-August

To learn more about these exciting new features, visit

Learn more about the project, receive answers to frequently asked questions, participate in guided testing sessions and more by registering for our project webinar series.

Heads up • Mobile & People

Push notifications are back

Remember when you could send push notifications along with your messages sent from People? Well, they’re back! We made a few under-the-hood changes to send the pushes in a more performant manner, so they’ll now be sent to your users gradually instead of all at once. You can still expect all of your users to receive them within just a couple hours.

Coming soon • Mobile & Online

Easier access to documents

Documents will soon be easier to find than ever before! We’ve added a quick link to the Banno Mobile and Online dashboards which can link to either a fully integrated documents solution or an external documents application of your choice. If your financial institution is already configured with either of the above, this new quick action will start appearing as of Mobile version 2.33 and will be available around the same time in Online.

For integrated solutions like ESI, Synergy, and 4|sight, there is a brand new documents landing screen which allows your users to filter documents by account, year, and type. Additionally, all existing links under account details will continue to exist and function as you and your users have come to expect.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact support.

Release notes are posted in the ForClients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.



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