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May 2021

More 2FA options & easier and faster account recovery

With the last day of school just around the corner, the sunshine starting to fight its way through all this spring rain, and the CDC loosening Covid restrictions, finding time to get outside or hit the road with the family is top of mind these days. To help free up every possible second for your users and employees alike, much of this month’s Banno Statement focuses on time-saving changes to the platform, including a couple of highly requested new features!

New feature • Mobile & Online

More 2FA options

Our next Banno Mobile️ and Banno Online️ release will substantially expand the two-factor authentication (2FA) options users have when logging in to Banno. We’ve added the ability to use multiple phone numbers for SMS or phone calls as well as TOTP authenticator apps (i.e. Google Authenticator). The new 2FA methods will be enabled for all financial institutions starting with Mobile version 2.31, and because there’s no initial configuration work required by you, your end users will automatically see the new options when they update the app.

Your team will be glad to know that the new 2FA options come complete with some welcomed behind-the-counter support that should allow for quicker solutions when end users run into trouble signing in via 2FA. To see a complete list of 2FA methods a user has enrolled in or to easily remove each method, authorized personnel can check their “2-step verification” on the Security tab in Banno People℠

Coming soon • Mobile & Online

Integrated invoicing and online payment acceptance

We're excited to announce the availability of two new Banno Plugins that will become standard features of Online and Mobile in an upcoming release this summer.

We have partnered with Autobooks to make digital invoicing and online payment acceptance available at no cost to our financial institution partners. Simply accept the automatic enablement and your users will be able to easily send digital invoices and accept online payments—right from Mobile and Online.

Join our upcoming June Meetup to learn more!

New feature • Mobile & Online

Open sesame: Easier and faster account recovery

Picture this: Someone needs to make an important transaction, but in their hurry to sign in, they’ve managed to lock their account. Now they’re too rattled to remember a long account number and their SSN (or tax ID). And without access to Conversations, contacting your support staff could present a frustrating hassle. Thankfully, we’re making it easier for your users to recover access—without the need to send an SOS flare to support! Slated for release in early June, the new default account recovery method will require the user to provide only their username and email. The option to use their account number and tax ID as verification will remain available as an alternative.

Want more great news? This improvement is coming to all users with no configuration necessary—and we’ve even added self-serve account recovery support for cash management users.

Heads up • Mobile

Google Play Store changes

Google is making significant changes to how Android applications are uploaded and deployed to the Google Play Store. These changes will require every customer to assist in making updates. We’ll be emailing out more detailed instructions in June, but wanted to give you the heads-up, as you will need to plan on making these updates by the end of July to avoid any interruptions to app deployments.

Heads up • Mobile

Apple App Store updates

We’ll soon need everyone to make an update with Apple’s App Store so that our continuous development system will be able to build, deploy, and manage all aspects of your application. The instructions are fairly straight forward and you can learn more by clicking the link below. Stay tuned for further communication from us.

App store updates

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact support.

Release notes are posted in the ForClients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.



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