It’s finally starting to feel like spring is here with warmer weather and the days getting longer. We hope you’re enjoying brighter days and the newness that comes with a change of the seasons. Here’s an update of what’s new with Banno for you to enjoy as well.

Coming soon • Support

Case management quality of life improvements

A couple small changes are just around the corner for Banno Support℠ which we think will make a big impact for your teams. The first is simply the ability to reverse the sort order of the case list—this allows you to view the oldest cases first. Second, you will have the ability to set cases back to unassigned in the event someone is out sick—or perhaps even on a vacation. Anyone remember vacations?

These enhancements will be available within the next few weeks to anyone using Banno Support—no support case needed.

New feature • Mobile & Online

Alerts enhancements

We’ve added an improved way for users to configure their account alerts and added several new user-based alerts. Users will be able to select whether or not they receive an alert and how it gets sent—email, sms, or push notification. This sets the stage for adding additional alert types as they become available from outside providers. Look for these enhancements in our next app release.

Heads up • Toolkit

New authentication endpoints

We have upgraded our Authentication Framework to be more secure and easier for developers to use. We encourage developers to migrate to the new "v0" authentication endpoints soon, as the previous "unversioned" authentication endpoints are deprecated and will not be supported after March 1, 2022.

We have written a migration guide to make this transition easier for developers. We have also updated our Authentication (Command Line) Quickstart to use the new authentication endpoints.

View guide View quickstart
Coming soon • Mobile & Online

Geezeo spending dashboard card

We’re excited to announce our first of many integration points with Geezeo by introducing the Geezeo spending donut to the Banno Dashboard. Your customers can quickly view where their money is being spent in a one week, one month, three month, or six month view. They can even customize whether they want to see their spending habits in an easy-to-read graph, or list them out individually, as well as quickly organize where on the dashboard they’d like to view this information. This feature will be coming soon for Banno Online™️. If you’re a current Geezeo OFM customer you will get this feature at no additional cost when it becomes available. If you’re not, please contact your Banno sales representative to learn more about the full Geezeo offering and to obtain pricing.

Coming soon • Mobile & Online

Full Service Credit Card (FSCC) statements in ESI

Soon, your users will able to enroll in and view eStatements for their FSCC accounts alongside all of their other accounts. For starters, this will exist only inside of the ESI SSO. If you use both FSCC and ESI, you can look forward to this being enabled by default when ready—no support case needed.

Coming soon • Mobile & Online

Member to member transfer improvements

We’re making some substantial improvements to how member to member transfers work for our credit union customers. Your members will soon be able to save a list of regularly paid members, schedule future transfers, and even make recurring transfers. Enabling this requires configuration and a new PowerOn to be installed. Development is complete, but sit tight while we button up the last few details. We'll let you know how to take advantage of these improvements soon.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact support.

Release notes are posted in the ForClients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.