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We're back at it this month with some nifty updates, as well as a few goodies coming just around the corner. Until next time!

Coming soon • Mobile & Online

Loan payment improvements for credit unions

We’re excited to announce a collection of long-awaited updates to loan payments for our credit union customers. We'll soon enable the ability to make principal-only loan payments, allowing your members to decide whether they are making a regular payment or an additional principal payment. Loan payment transfers will also be limited to the balance of the loan, limiting the ability for overpayment. Behind the scenes, we’ll also be updating the transfer type from a share transfer record to a loan transfer record. This will allow your support teams to view, create, and revise off-cycle and automatic loan transfers.

We will be working to finalize all operational elements and then will be enabling for all of our credit union customers. No need for a support case, we’ll let you know when this is complete!

Coming soon • People

Faster user search

We are making some under-the-hood improvements to our user search in Banno People℠ to decrease the amount of time it takes to get results and to make those times more consistent. No changes are being made to the search interface, but hopefully you’ll notice an improvement in the time it takes to search for users. These changes will impact both People and Support when searching for a user to start a conversation with. When complete, these improvements will be deployed to everyone using People—no support case needed.

New feature • Online

View your connected apps

We recently snuck in an enhancement to give your users control over which apps they allow to access their account data. In Banno Online™️, users can now view Connected apps by navigating to Settings > Security. There, they can view all applications to which they have granted account access and also revoke access if they choose. This feature has been rolled out to everyone using Online and we plan to add it to Banno Mobile™️ at a later date.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact support.

Release notes are posted in the ForClients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.

New feature • Support

View conversations in the order they were created

As we teased last month, the ability to reverse the order of the case list in Banno Support℠ is coming soon. This feature will be present on default filters like My cases and Unassigned which should make it easier to triage conversations in the order they were started. This enhancement is currently being tested and will be released within the next week or so—no configuration or support case is necessary.

Coming soon • Mobile & Online

Additional bill pay payee types

Bill pay users can rejoice! Banno will be adding native API support for all of the remaining person and individual payee types supported by the iPay API. Your users will be able to pay a person by check, pay a person by direct deposit, and create both SMS and email P2P payees. These new payee types can be created, edited, and deleted. This feature closes one of the biggest gaps between our API bill pay solution and the iPay hosted app. These new payee types will be enabled for all customers, you won't need to open a case. Keep an eye out, we'll follow up once this has been released.

Heads up • Toolkit

Updated example project

We have updated our "Simple Plugin Example" project to make it easier to read and understand. We've also updated the example code to use our new "v0" authentication endpoints.

Example project
Heads up • Reports

Language update to Banno Reportsâ„ 

We have made a minor update to Reports in an effort to more accurately represent the data you're viewing. When viewing the App usage dashboard, you'll notice we replaced every instance of the word login with sync. This dashboard metric has always been based on syncs rather than logins and we felt the interface should better reflect that so it isn't confused with actual authenticated logins initiated as supplied in the Login audit report. This update will be deployed in the next few days and will appear for everyone using Reports.

In beta • Platform

Plaid Exchange

We’re currently beta testing our integration with Plaid Exchange and hope to be ready to roll it out within the next few weeks. We don’t need any additional testers at this time and no support case will be necessary once it’s ready to go.

As a refresher, Plaid Exchange doesn’t directly impact any of your users’ experiences in our apps. It is used when your users link their accounts to third party fintech applications. The integration with Plaid Exchange will be made through an API—resulting in a faster, more reliable, and more secure connection.