We hope 2021 is off to a great start for everyone thus far! Our teams are feeling refreshed and excited to kick off this New Year with lots of exciting, new updates for you all. This is just the beginning, so buckle up—we’ve got great things planned that we can’t wait to share in the months ahead!

Coming soon • Apps

ESI API integration

We’re nearly finished with our first phase of fully integrating with ESI. What this means is a superior user experience for your users when enrolling and viewing documents. We have plans to roll this out broadly, while keeping the SSO accessible from Account Settings for things like managing email address changes and additional recipients.

In February we will be beta testing this enhancement with hopes to begin rolling it out shortly after. While we are still fine tuning these plans, we will be filling you in on all the details as soon as we can. Keep your eyes peeled for more information!

Heads up • Toolkit

Plugin framework quick start guide

Want to build a custom dashboard card? With our Plugin Framework, you can create the features you want on the Banno Mobile™️ and Banno Online™️ dashboards. Get started with our new quick start guide, which will walk you through authentication, pulling data, and generating the code to display in the dashboard.

Remember, if you need help developing a plugin, our support model looks a little different than what you experience with the rest of our applications today. Check out our toolkit support guide to learn more about getting support from our custom team.

Plugin quick start Example project
New feature • Support, Apps & Online

Forms in Conversations

We’ve completed our Forms permissions project, which was the last hurdle between you and sending authenticated forms inside of Banno Conversations℠. We will begin rolling this out over the coming days—no support case needed. As a reminder, this isn’t quite ready for institutions who also have CMS sites, but we are working on it.

If you want to learn more about form builder and attaching forms to conversations, visit our knowledge base.

Coming soon • Apps

Zelle® updates

In our next mobile release Zelle® users will see an improved user experience focusing on how activity and transactions are displayed. This release will also include improved user management features. If you already have Zelle® there's nothing you'll need to do for users to get this improved functionality.

Coming soon • Enterprise platform

Enterprise platform redesign

As we announced last month, our redesigned enterprise platform will be rolling out soon. We want to reiterate that most of the functionality you have become familiar with and reliant on is not changing. This change primarily affects the navigation and appearance of our applications.

This article explains the changes we’ve made and what you can expect. Please pass the link around to everyone on your team who uses our platform applications such as Banno People℠, Banno Support℠, Settings, etc. to ensure a smooth transition. We’re still working on an exact date and time to push these changes to you, but don't worry, we will build in plenty of lead-time to ensure you can prepare your teams for the update. Stay tuned for a separate email containing deployment details.

Transition guide
New feature • Marketing

Free Banno Marketing℠

Next week we’ll be turning on the free version of Banno Marketing for everyone with Banno Online and Banno Mobile. This free version has a few limitations compared to the full version:

  • You can create up to five campaigns.
  • You can create up to three segments for campaign targeting.
  • You're limited to using provided gallery ads without customization.
  • More campaigns, segments, and custom ads are available with the premium version of Marketing.

As mentioned above, we’ll be enabling this for you so you don’t need to open a case. However, once enabled, you’ll need a group within Settings with both the View and Edit digital banking ads permissions, then you can access Marketing from the navigation. To learn more about using Marketing, visit our how-to guides.

Heads up • Apps

Updated source info for Silverlake customers

You should have received an SLA updating you on a recent enhancement to our source info for Silverlake, but we wanted to share here as well.

An update was made in the Silverlake core that allows Banno to send a source when submitting internal immediate transfers. We have updated it so that the source will now be set to “Home/Digital Banking” instead of “Telephone”. We are still waiting for a core update to make this same change for AFT (future-dated/recurring) and ACH. We will communicate further when that update is completed.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact support.

Release notes are posted in the ForClients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.