The 3 words that best describe 2020, are as follows, and I quote: Stink, Stank, Stunk. But through it all, we are all here. Maybe with a little weariness, but also with a whole lot of grit, hope, and excitement for the new year.

We look forward to continuing to build tools that enable you new ways to embrace an age-old idea of creating personal connections at your users’ moment of need.

Without further ado, here’s what’s new at Banno to round out the year.

New feature • Online & People

Remove aggregated accounts

It’s here! The ability to remove aggregated accounts has landed in Banno Online™️ and Banno People℠ and is available to all users—no configuration needed. This means when users no longer want to view accounts from another institution inside of Banno Online, they can simply remove the institution and all associated accounts. Note that this has landed in Banno Online and Banno People only, with Banno Mobile™️ support coming at a later date.

Heads up • Toolkit

New look for developer documentation

We updated the design and function of the landing page for our developer documentation at We've surfaced links to the essential pages for our Open API, Plugin Framework, Authentication Framework, and design system. You can now create integrations with Banno, including adding custom dashboard cards in the app via the Plugin Framework. To get started, check out

Check it out
Coming soon • Apps & Online

Full Service Credit Card (FSCC) statements in ESI

FSCC statements are coming to our ESI SSO as early as next month. With this enhancement, users will be able to enroll their credit card accounts in eStatements and view them alongside their standard documents. Take note, email notifications for credit card accounts will look different than ESI emails and may be sent on a different cadence–aligning with the credit card statement cycle.

This feature will be in beta after the new year and will be made available to all institutions using both the ESI SSO and FSCC when the beta period is complete.

Coming soon • Support, Apps & Online

Forms in Conversations is rolling out

We’re excited to announce our forms in Conversations feature has completed beta and will be rolling out soon! If Conversations is enabled for your institution and you are not a Banno CMS customer, you'll soon also have access to Form Builder. This will enable you to create and attach forms to Conversations, providing a secure and efficient method of collecting the data you need. For institutions with Banno CMS sites, stay tuned–we’re close to rolling this out for you, too.

This rollout will begin in January, but if you’d like to learn more about the feature in the meantime, here’s some light reading to enjoy.

Heads up • Online

Say goodbye to Internet Explorer®

Friendly reminder: As of January 1, 2021, we will have an updated browser support policy which aligns with current standards and security measures. The most notable change is we’ll no longer support Internet Explorer for Banno Online (it already isn’t supported by our enterprise applications). This is in preparation for Microsoft® ending support later in 2021. Users of Banno Online will be directed to get a modern browser if they attempt to access it from any unsupported browser. Feel free to review our updated browser support policy for details.

Something else • Enterprise platform

A refreshed design & experience

Big news: All of our enterprise apps are getting a facelift! We’ve been hard at work reimagining how our enterprise applications work and fit together and are almost ready to share it with all of you. Fear not, all of the functionality you rely on and have become familiar with isn’t changing, it’s just moving around a bit. We’ve restructured our navigation to feel more like one application and have made Reports and Settings more accessible.

We’ll fill you in on all of the specific details in January, including what exactly is changing and when. We’ll also be sharing a comprehensive transition guide to make this as smooth as possible. See you in the new year!

New feature • Support

New rule configuration in Banno Support℠

We have shipped an enhancement to the rule which triggers based on how long a user has been waiting for a reply. Previously, these rules took any passing time into account, which could make it difficult to use due to weekends and holidays. Now, we have added a configuration so the rule can optionally apply to your scheduled support hours only.

Please note, this improvement did not modify any existing rules and you will need to go and enable this flag in the Rule Management section of Support if you want your rules to apply only to support hours. This feature was released in late November to everyone using Conversations and is ready to use.

Coming soon • Marketing

Preview banking ads at any width

We’re making it easier to see what your ads for Banno Online and Mobile look like inside of Banno Marketing™️. You’ll soon be able to adjust the preview width to see how different ad widths will impact your text and images when building an ad.

Heads up • Apps

Limited January mobile release

Like previous years, due to holidays and app store closures we will not be releasing our usual set of new features and fixes in early January. Instead, our 2.26 release will include only some Zelle updates and a few minor fixes and improvements. Any other scheduled features and fixes will push into our February release (2.27).

New feature • Support

Read receipts in Conversations

We have added read receipts to Banno Support, so you’ll know whether or not your end users have viewed the messages and attachments you’ve sent them! This makes it a bit easier to know if you should reach out again with a follow-up or hang tight. This enhancement landed earlier this month for everyone using Support, and no configuration is required.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact support.

Release notes are posted in the ForClients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.