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November 2020

Improvements for tablet users, new activity events in People, & a curated ad library for Banno Marketing

We are wishing everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. This month we have a few new features and updates we hope you are thankful for. Something to gobble up alongside your Thanksgiving dinner.

Coming soon • Online & People

Remove aggregated accounts

It’s almost here! The ability to remove aggregated accounts will land in Banno Online️ and Banno People℠ soon and will be available to all users—no configuration needed. This means when users no longer want to view accounts from another financial institution inside of Banno Online, they can simply remove the financial institution and all associated accounts. Doing so will remove the accounts in Banno Mobile️ as well. Users can also trigger this removal when asked to reauthenticate with the financial institution. From People, users with the Manage everything permission can also remove these financial institutions and their accounts from Account settings.

Note that this will ship in Banno Online and People. Mobile support is coming at a later date.

Coming soon • Marketing

Curated ad library for Banno Marketing

Sometimes you’re busy and would rather just pick an ad that’s already designed and ready to go rather than create a new one. Or your marketing team may not be ready to help build campaigns for Banno Online and Mobile. We’re wrapping up work on a new Banno Marketing feature that solves both of these problems. Yeah, that's right both! Now you’ll be able to pick from a curated library of ads that promote a variety of products and services you may offer.

If you already have Banno Marketing, we’ll be enabling the ad library for you as soon as it’s available. If you haven’t purchased Marketing yet, we’re excited to offer a no-cost option (with a limited feature set) that will allow you take advantage of our ad library. This will not require a case to enable as we’ll be gradually turning it on for all customers over the next couple of months.

Heads up • Apps

Full Service Credit Card statements in ESI

In the coming weeks, we will be adding Full Service Credit Card statements to the ESI SSO for financial institutions using both. Users will be able to enroll in e-statements and view statements all within the ESI SSO, alongside their standard documents.

We’re still finalizing configuration details, so hang tight for another announcement explaining how to get started.

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Heads up • Apps

Improvements for tablet users

Over our last few Mobile releases, we have made some improvements to the app’s behavior on tablet devices:

  • On multiview screens—those displaying both a main and detail view simultaneously—we have added additional width, removed unnecessary dividers, and added some padding to improve the look and user experience.
  • On iOS, we’ve changed the Settings screen to also use the multiview functionality to be more familiar and efficient.
  • Single screen views now have reduced width and line length for increased scannability.
New feature • Apps & People

Improvement when adding external accounts

Moving money is important, and we have just launched a couple improvements making external transfers easier. If your financial institution has external transfers enabled, end users will now see a flag to add a new external transfer account on the Transfers tab. This makes it easier to add a new account at the moment the user is trying to make a transfer.

In Banno People, we added a way to unlock a pending external transfer account. You no longer have to open a support ticket if the end-user fails to confirm the correct microdeposits and the account gets locked.

New feature • People

New activity events in People

In our latest improvement to the activity timeline in Banno People, we added two new events. When an end user logs in or refreshes their device to update and sync their data, we will now create two events-one when the process starts and one when it completes—showing if the sync was successful or not. These events shipped in early November and require no configuration.

With these new device sync events, our ability to better determine a user’s successful interaction with login, syncing their device, and refreshing data allows us to deprecate our current App unlocked event, which we'll be doing as part of a future project.

Coming soon • Apps

Ensenta - Add notes to deposits

In the next few weeks, Ensenta users will be able to add a note to each deposit, whether a single check or batch of checks. This feature allows users to see notes in their deposit history to help distinguish one deposit from another. Deposit notes will be available on all platforms and will appear for Mobile users upon updating to version 2.25.

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact support.

Release notes are posted in the ForClients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.

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