Who knows what's in store with a full moon, on Halloween, in 2020. So we thought we'd pass along some goodness, just in case. Here's another month of updates and Banno treats heading your way. No tricks, promise.

New feature • Apps

Access to more transaction history

We’ve recently completed a new feature that will allow your users to access more transaction history than was previously available. When this feature is enabled, Banno will begin pulling all available transaction history from the core into the Banno layer. For newly onboarded institutions as well as recently opened accounts, this process will kick off as soon as we discover those accounts.

To access these transactions in-app, users just need to search their transactions lists and tap the ‘See more’ button to begin pulling them into the app.

Banno already stores transactions in our layer indefinitely, so there is limited benefit for those who have been live for a year or more. We will be doing a gradual roll out of this feature, but it will be enabled by default for all newly onboarded institutions and for all of our live, core-connected banks in a few short months. No support case is needed to enable this. We are actively working on implementing a similar feature for credit unions, so stay tuned!

Heads up • Reports

More data for credit union reports

We made a small—but hopefully impactful—change to Banno Reports℠ for credit unions. On any report where we show the member’s NetTeller ID column, we now also show the member number in a separate column of the exported reports.

Heads up • People

Change to alerts for Full Service Credit Cards

Users with Full Service Credit Cards (FSCC) will no longer be able to set up balance or transaction alerts. While this option was previously available, the alerts would never be delivered due to the nature of our alerting system. We have removed the option for clarity to the end user.

Heads up • Apps

Connecting preference records to name records in Episys

For our credit union institutions, we will be making an update to connect preference records to name records in order to better map a member to their preference locator. Upon a member enrolling in Banno, and as part of any login to Banno, Account Tracking 08 will be created or updated with Banno user ID, member number link, and address link. Any preference records that cannot be matched to a name record will result in a note placed in the member’s record. This will notify your credit union employee(s) they will need to manually manage the preference record.

With this change, Banno will continue to provide better service to your members with future projects that will allow us to greet a joint member with their name, allow a joint user to update their address without impacting the primary member’s account, and recover their account. This enhancement will ship in November and requires no configuration on your end.

New feature • Apps

Ads in Banno Mobile™️

The same ads you build in Banno Marketing℠ for Banno Online™️ will also be available in Banno Mobile with our 2.24 release. This means you’ll be able to use the ad builder to create, target, and track responses to ad campaigns for all of your digital users. If you’ve already got ads running in Online your users will start seeing them in Mobile after they update their apps. If you’re not using Banno Marketing, reach out to your account executive to learn more.

New feature • Apps

Mobile iPay™️ enrollment

The long awaited ability for users to enroll in bill pay with Banno Mobile is finally here with our 2.24 release! You can now provide the same experience as Banno Online where all eligible accounts will be enrolled when a user accesses any of the bill pay features. There are, however, some specific configurations at iPay that require the SSO to be used when enrolling.

You’ll need to confirm with the iPay team that your consumer bill pay product is not configured for the following:

  • Bill pay terms and conditions
  • Challenge phrases

These options all require the SSO to complete enrollment and will prevent users from being able to enroll with Banno Mobile. Once you know your iPay configuration will work, open a case with our support team and we’ll get enrollment in Mobile enabled for you!

Coming soon • People

Unlock external transfer account additions from Banno People℠

You will no longer have to open a support case to unlock an account after a user enters the wrong micro deposit amounts too many times. Soon, using Banno People, you will be able to unlock the account for the user with the click of a button!

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact support.

Release notes are posted in the ForClients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.