Hello all,

So much has happened since our last statement. We're still working hard to build you the best digital products though most of us have been at home for the last several weeks with our families and pets in the background. From all of us, we sincerely hope this update finds you well.

To help provide relief to the communities served by our customers, we worked on a few small enhancements that we hope have a big impact.

Charitable giving link in menu

You can now add a link or single sign-on to charitable giving campaigns that help your local communities. If you don't have a partner that provides charitable giving functionality, we highly recommend you take a look at in/PACT's giving platform.

SBA Payroll Protection Program link in menu

Several of our customers have developed applications enabling their small businesses to apply for loans to cover payroll. If you're developing an application or have a simple form on your website, you can include a link to it from Banno Mobile and Online. We can support making the link visible only to business users.

Consumer debt relief link in menu

If you're running a program to allow consumers to defer loan or credit card payments, you can include a link to your application from the menu in Banno Mobile and Online.

To create any of these links in your apps, please create a case that includes the type of link you're enabling, the hyperlink to include, as well as what you'd like the label to be.

As a reminder, we built a Skip Payment PowerOn last fall for credit unions that you can add to Banno Mobile and Banno Online. It now supports fee-free skips as well if you're temporarily waiving fees.

If you don't have it already, Banno Conversations can be enabled and used to stay in touch with your users who you might normally visit your branch lobby.

All of the above items are offered at no added cost, so please create a case if you're not utilizing them today.

New feature • Apps

App design update

Dozens of our customers have opted in to the new design for Banno Mobile and Banno Online. As a reminder, due to the large change combined with the duress our customers are under dealing with COVID-19, we changed our usual deployment strategy to allow each of our customers the time they need to prepare for the new updates.

Dark mode is available in Banno Mobile and Banno Online for Android but we have not yet finished that work for iOS, along with a few other small design changes.

New feature • Content

Simple form builder

If you've been following us for a while, you've heard about our simple form builder. We're happy to let you know that we're now piloting our form builder for customers on our CMS to help create simple web forms to collect basic information. Forms can be placed in any content area throughout the site and when submitted, the submissions flow in to Banno Support.

Heads up! In a few months, we'll be making the form builder available to all of our customers that have conversations enabled, allowing you to build forms and send them to users in the context of a conversation.

Reminder • Apps

Security updates for cash management users

We rolled out a change to honor IP address restrictions for cash management users in Banno Mobile and Banno Online. Now if a cash management user attempts to login to Banno Online or Banno Mobile from an IP address that is not added to their record, they will receive an error message. A cash management user already logged into Banno Mobile will not be affected.

Coming soon • Platform

Multitasking with conversations

For our multitaskers, you will soon be able to carry on multiple conversations with users from any screen in Banno People. We've added a launch point in the bottom right corner of the app that will let you see open cases from Banno Support and keep a few conversations easily accessible while you do things like adjust limits.

New feature • Support

Workflow automation for conversations

Banno Support now comes with the ability to set up automatic actions to help with managing case load. You can set up any number of rules, like forwarding to a specific group if a message contains words like "fraud" or "refinance" and tagging the case, or forwarding if the user has waited more than a couple of hours for a response.

You can start managing rules today by signing in to Banno Support, selecting Settings, then Rule management.

Reminder • People

Removal of support for IE 11

As a reminder, we've removed support for Internet Explorer 11 effective March 31, 2020 in all of our administrative applications under Banno.com. We will continue to support IE 11 for Banno Online.

If you are currently using IE 11, we recommend you switch to Microsoft Edge or another supported browser.

If you have questions about anything you read here, contact support.

Release notes are posted in the ForClients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.