New feature • Marketing & Apps

Serving ads in Banno Online

The wait is almost over for being able to cross-sell in Banno Online. Several of our customers are currently piloting the new ability to serve targeted ads within the authenticated digital channel. These targeted ads are built using our brand new ad builder which makes it easy for anyone to pick a beautifully designed template, fill it with a marketing message, and target specific users with a CSV upload.

If you have a Banno Marketing contract with the online or mobile channels, we'll be reaching out soon to begin implementation. If you'd like more information, reach out to your sales rep.

New feature • Apps

Loan payoff estimate for credit unions

Hot on the heels of our first PowerOn, skip payment, comes the loan payoff estimate. This new feature allows your members to estimate how much the actual costs are after interest and fees to pay off their eligible loans.

This feature requires configuration. If you'd like to enable it, create a case.

New feature • Apps

MyCardRules™ for credit unions

We’re now offering advanced card controls to credit unions! Your members will have the ability to block transactions or be notified based on location, merchant or transaction types. Members on a budget will appreciate the spending limits that alert them when they’ve gone over their monthly spending limit.

If you've purchased MyCardRules™, the CPS team will let us know when to start the install process. If you haven’t purchased MyCardRules™, reach out to your sales rep to get started!

Reminder • Apps

Security updates for cash management users

We previously notified you of some upcoming changes to improve the security of Banno Mobile for cash management users. In October, we released changes that require cash management users logging in to reset their password when necessary and to be blocked from logging in when dormant or locked. We now plan on enabling these same checks when a user triggers an app sync by signing in with a PIN or biometric authentication. This behavior has long been standard for retail users but was not available until recently for cash management users.

We’re targeting this change for the end of February.

Reminder • People

Removal of support for IE 11

As a reminder, we're removing support for Internet Explorer 11 effective March 31, 2020 in all of our administrative applications under We will continue to support IE 11 for Banno Online.

If you are currently using IE 11, we recommend you switch to Microsoft Edge or another supported browser.

Heads up • Apps

Prepare for a fresh dashboard design

Next month as part of the 2.17 Banno Mobile release and the corresponding Banno Online release, we'll be pushing out the biggest update to our dashboard design yet.

  • Say hi! We'll greet your user by their preferred name next to their profile photo, which offers quick access to updating their profile or switching accounts.
  • New account list options. If a user has just a small handful of accounts, they'll see the same view they see today where one account is visible at a time. For users with more accounts the app will show them four at a time. For users with tons of accounts, they may prefer seeing the totals across account types.
  • Streamlined card sizes. For most dashboard cards there are now just two sizes for each, letting the user opt for a summary or more detailed look at what's important to them.
  • Left-align navigation in Banno Online. We rethought the menu for Banno Online to accommodate our growing feature set.
  • Dark mode compatible. In this release we added support for dark mode. Your app hasn't been updated since we need to design dark mode according to your brand, but it's now a possibility. We're developing a queue to retrofit existing apps with a dark mode option that we'll communicate out separately.

The transaction enrichment functionality pictured above is not included in this update but is something we're working toward with Geezeo®.

New feature • Support

Case tagging

Within Banno Support℠, you are now able to create and add tags to cases. This will help greatly with searching and filtering, adding context, and prioritization. Additionally, tags can be tightly coupled with the new ‘case routing’ feature that is right around the corner to help automatically assign cases to the right people based on topic. Finally, we’ve built tags with reporting in mind, so once we add the ability to report by tags in Banno Reports℠, you’ll be able to get a much better idea of what your customers are asking for help with.

Enhancement • Apps

Account recovery updates for banks

We've made a change to how we handle a locked status during the account recovery process. If a user is in a locked status when they complete account recovery, we'll now unlock their account. There's no configuration needed and this feature is already enabled for banks with account recovery enabled.

Credit union support is expected in March.

Update • Apps

Improvements to conversation attachments

We’ve made a few improvements to the way attachments are represented within conversations. Attachments will now have labels for faster, easier identification. Additionally, the way users select attachments within Banno Mobile and Banno Online has been revised to be a smoother experience and allow for the addition of more attachment types moving forward.

If you have questions about anything you read here, contact support.

Release notes are posted in the ForClients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.