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December 2019

Face unlock on Android, send verification codes, in-app review prompts, & more

Big month! The following updates are all offered to you without you needing to reach out to get them configured. Whoa! That doesn't always happen, and all of these updates are really exciting and impactful to you and your users.

New feature • Apps

Face Unlock on Android

Once updated to Banno Mobile version 2.15, users with a Google Pixel 4 or Pixel 4XL will be able to unlock the app with the built in face unlock feature. This is brand new in the Android eco-system. So far, the only supported devices are the Pixel 4s, but we'll expand support to other devices with the required hardware as the technology matures. But dang, that's fast entry into the app.

Coming soon • Support

Case routing and automation

Next month, you will be able to create custom rules within Banno Support. These rules can be created for many different purposes, such as automatically routing a case to the appropriate person or team based on subject, notifying a support representative of a case that hasn’t been replied to, and much more. Additionally, users of Banno Support will start receiving emails when they are assigned to a case. Say goodbye to missed Conversations and manual assignment overhead!

New feature • People

Send verification code

Earlier this fall, we announced the ability to send verification codes to users via email or SMS as a more secure way to validate their identity. We're pleased to say that this feature will be enabled for all this month. No need to contact us, and using the feature is a breeze: you choose whether to send their code via email or SMS and wait for them to recite the code back to you, at which point you enter it in a text field and submit. We'll let you know if the user was right or not.

Update • Support

Support inbox improvements

We’ve made a few changes to the Banno Support interface to make case management easier and more prominent, and to set the stage for features that are coming soon, like case tagging. Case status is now fully spelled out in the case list, and the user information section is collapsed to help focus on the information needed most.

Notice • People

Self-enrollment settings

This month we're opening up the ability for you to set a message to be shown on the enrollment view of your apps to spell out any restrictions, like disallowing enrollment to minors. We released this feature earlier in the year behind a separate configuration but now we're offering it as standard functionality with self-enrollment.

Heads up • Apps

Banno Online sign in updates

We sent a separate communication about the sign in updates we're bringing to Banno Online by the end of the year because it's just too much to summarize while tackling all questions. Here's what you need to know: Yes, it'll be awesome. No, you won't contact us to make the change. Sure, you can absolutely send Christmas cookies to my home address.

New features • People & Apps

Initiate password reset & user unlock

If you're live on Banno Online, then from Banno People you can send a magic link to a user via email or SMS that will allow them to change their password without requiring their old one. The magic link only works for a short period of time.

Also new, users that are locked out can unlock their accounts by completing account recovery. Alternatively, if they call you, you can unlock their account via Banno People without requiring a password change.

These will ship as standard features for all eligible FIs by the end of December. You won't need to contact us to take advantage of them.

New feature • Apps

Prompt for app review in-app

Waiting around for end users to take it upon themselves to review their banking app out of the goodness of their hearts? Wait no more! Based on positive triggers within the app, such as setting up payments, recurring transfers, and renaming accounts, Banno Mobile users will now be prompted within the app to provide a review of their banking app experience. As an FI, there is nothing you need to do, this feature will be turned on for all.

Heads up • Apps

Security update for cash management users

In early January 2020, we’re improving the security of Banno Mobile for cash management users. In October, we released the change that requires cash management users to reset passwords when needed or be blocked from logging in when dormant or locked. We now plan on enabling these same checks when a user triggers an app sync by signing in with a PIN or biometric authentication. This behavior has long been standard for retail users but was not available until recently for cash management users.

Heads up • Apps

Holiday release schedule & app submissions

Due to the upcoming holidays, we've decided to push our normal monthly mobile release schedule out a month, effectively skipping a release in January. Version 2.15 is available this month and we expect to roll out 2.16 in February.

Also, please be sure to periodically check your app store accounts if there are new agreements. We're unable to push new updates for you if you don't keep your accounts in good standing.

If you have questions about anything you read here, contact support.

Release notes are posted in the ForClients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.

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