June is a big month! Not quite everyone is on summer vacation, so we managed to get a little more work done for you.


Your apps will stop working...

Hope that got your attention. There are a lot of you out there that are behind in getting your Apple Developer account in a good state to receive app updates. This is a big problem! In order for your iOS® app to continue working in August you must get this squared away. To make it easier, we put a notice on your Dashboard in Banno People℠ if we've found that you're in a bad state.

By August 1st we will set the minimum required version of Banno Mobile to be 2.9.0. If by that time you have 2.9.0 or above in the App Store, you're set.

New feature

View remote deposit checks online

Banno Online has reached a level of parity with Banno Mobile where users can now see their remote deposit checks online. Users will see their RDC enrollment status, have the ability to enroll additional accounts and see the status of each remote deposited check.

This update will be available to all users of Banno Online in late June.

New feature

New events in user Activity

We will be rolling out some updates to the user activity events in Banno People℠. With these new events, you can see when a user is presented with a 2FA challenge, completes account recovery, is prompted for their credentials for a high risk request and response, as well as better handling of login and authentication events.

All of these new events will be rolling out in the coming weeks with no configuration required to see them.

New feature

New CMS is live!

At the beginning of the month we pushed the biggest update to Banno CMS ever. We've recieved lots of wonderful feedback so far and we're excited to show you what's next for the CMS.

If you have a website with us but haven't checked out the new CMS, simply sign in to Banno.com and select the CMS from the list of apps.

In addition to the refresh in how easy it is to use the CMS, we also shipped the ability to set up and manage redirects. Redirects provide an SEO-friendly way of updating old page or asset URLs to new ones.

New feature

For that WTF moment

WTF = "what's that fee", obviously. Users can now directly reference transactions within conversations. This will come in handy if users spot an unfamiliar transaction or simply have a question. It will save even more time for your support staff by eliminating the hunt for the right thing. Users can attach transactions from either the transaction detail screen or from within a conversation and your customer service team can even prompt users to select transactions for them.

Transactions are just the beginning. Accounts are next up and much more is on the way.


iOS® 13 is coming

Heads up that iOS® 13 is coming this fall. Once it lands, Banno Mobile will no longer support iOS® 10, which will have incredibly low usage at that time. Dropping support for older versions helps us to make a better experience for the majority of users and embrace new platform features.

Coming soon

Reporting improvements

We've been hard at work rebuilding the reporting capabilities of Banno and this month we have some progress to share. Dates to pick for your reports have better pre-determined options making it easy to get the range you're looking for. We're adding baseline reporting for Conversations activity this month, giving you a look at total conversation volume, time to respond, and other useful metrics.

Up next, we'll be delivering an update to how you export report data. Report exports will be queued for processing and you'll be alerted when the file is ready to download. If the report takes a while to generate, you can walk away and rest assured that we'll ping you when it's done.


Goodbye recurring transactions

The recurring transactions Dashboard card will be removed from Banno Mobile in a future release. We've decided that it no longer makes sense to continue offering this feature which isn't heavily used.

If you have questions about anything you read here, contact support.

Release notes are posted in the ForClients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.