As always, we have a bunch of great things in the works in Banno. We're in the last quarter of our fiscal year looking forward to our biggest year yet with more creative solutions and products that move the needle for community banks and credit unions.

Without further ado, here's what's new with Banno.


Faster balances

We've finally cracked it. We redesigned our entire data gathering process on the Dashboard to get balances and other critical account data back to the user as fast as possible. The impact varies across our customer base, but so far it looks as though everyone gets a pretty significant performance win.

This update was added in version 2.7 of our iOS® app and is in version 2.8 of our Android app.

New feature

Edit & delete payees

Bar none, the most frequent feature request we get is for the ability to edit and delete bill pay payees from Banno Mobile. Good news: this month in the iOS®, Android, and web releases this dream will be a reality for company and P2P payees.


Viewing check images

We've made several improvements to both the performance of check image retrieval and the way we display check images in Banno Mobile and Banno Online. Check detail screens now contain some information about the check and navigating through multiple checks in a set is a breeze.


Supported browsers and devices

We're keeping a list of supported browsers and devices for Banno products current on the ForClients portal. In July 2019 we'll be dropping support for Android versions less than 5.0, and later this fall we plan to drop support for iOS 10 once the new version lands.

If you're ready to enable any of these new features, or if you have questions, contact support.

Release notes are posted in the ForClients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.

New feature

Updates to content tools

We've been quietly working on improvements to our content management system and our automated marketing tool to bring them tighter into the digital ecosystem we've created in our digital banking suite.

Banno CMS is getting a major facelift and is moving to a new home within the rest of the Banno platform. If you're a CMS customer, you'll soon be able to manage your website from and take advantage of improved workflows. We'll be sending you a note with all of the specific enhancements very soon.

In Banno Marketing you can now set a start and end date on your campaigns, letting you more easily control when your website viewers will see ads of each campaign. The Dashboard has also been updated to include your best and worst performing campaigns.

We also announced via our public roadmap that we will extend Banno Marketing ad serving to Banno Online in beta later this year.

New feature

Transfer memos

Your users can add a short memo to immediate, internal transfers. These user-provided memos will appear within digital banking and in statements.

This feature requires configuration and has caveats depending on your core system and some other settings, which we'll start to itemize in some communication you should see very soon. Reach out if you'd like to talk about getting this enabled in the meantime.

We're currently unable to support adding memos to future dated internal transfers or any external transfers due to limitations in the core systems. We don't yet have a timeline on when we'll be able to address this limitation.

New feature

Conversations notifications & search

Employees using Banno Support will now receive browser notifications for activities like new conversations, unread messages and internal notes, and case assignments - as long as Banno Support is open in a tab. We know that support staff are signed in to a whole bunch of systems, so we're doing our best to push conversation updates as they happen.

We've also delivered the ability to search for cases in Banno Support. Searches can be conducted using keyword, name, NetTeller® ID, and CIF, and there’s a cleaner search interface on the way. #progress