Coming soon

Advanced card controls beta

With MyCardRules, a powerful card control tool, you can provide your cardholders more control over their spending and purchases. Through advanced card controls, users have the ability to block transactions or be notified based on location, merchant, or transaction types. Users on a budget can set spending limits to alert them when they’ve gone over their monthly spending limit or simply prevent transactions from occurring at all.

We begin our beta period with a small number of banks this month.

This functionality is built right into Banno Mobile and Banno Online and is available if you're using JHA Card Processing Solutions for debit card processing. If you haven't purchased MyCardRules, reach out to your sales rep to get the ball rolling.

New feature

Attaching accounts to conversations

In addition to attaching transactions within conversations, users can now attach accounts. This results in less typing for both your support team and your users and eliminates confusion on both sides of the conversation. Like transactions, accounts can be attached from the conversation itself or from the account detail screen.

Reach out if you'd like to enable attaching accounts.

Coming soon

Start conversations with users

We’ve been talking about this one for a long time, and it’s finally almost here. In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to start conversations with your users from Banno Support and Banno PeopleSM. If you need to follow up after a meeting or phone call, securely send a document, or reach out about a product that a certain user might fancy, you will be able to do it with conversations.

Coming soon

Maintenance mode

We are adding a new ability for banks to set their connectivity status to offline when iAdapter is down or in the event of any connectivity issues with the core. By logging into Banno PeopleSM, admins in the appropriate security group will have an option to set the bank’s status. Once set to offline mode, Banno Online users will see a message letting them know certain features may not be available. Those users will be able to login and see their accounts and cached data. Once connectivity is returned, resetting the offline mode status will dismiss the consumer’s message.


Minimum supported mobile operating system

iOS® 13 is coming this fall and once it lands Banno Mobile will no longer support iOS® 10.

As of our latest Android app release (2.11.x), we no longer support Android versions less than 5.0.

Dropping support for older versions helps us to make a better experience for the majority of users and embrace new platform features.

New feature

Travel notices

With our new travel notices section, users can now submit their travel plans to you in advance. By entering their destinations, dates, and the cards they plan to take, users can avoid the chance of having a transaction declined in the checkout line, preventing embarrassment and frustration, and helping to ensure their journey is drama-free.

Travel notices are only available for customers on SilverLake.

Coming soon

Reports update

As mentioned in our last Banno Statement, we are working on an overhaul to Banno Reports that allows for asynchronous reporting. The export report function will now queue reports for processing and an alert will be emailed when the exports are ready for download. Each exported report will be kept for 90 days in Banno Reports allowing any user with access the ability to download those reports. There is no configuration needed for you to get this enhancement and we plan to roll it out for all reports users in early August.

New feature

Page management updates

We landed a bunch of wonderful iterations to managing pages in Banno CMS that we think you'll love:

  • Deactivate pages to hide them from the public without having to delete them, and activate them when you're ready to bring them back
  • Insert ads from Banno Marketing into any content area with just a couple of clicks
  • Allow pages to be hidden from search results
  • Quickly navigate to a live page by clicking on its URL in the list of pages

Each of these features are available today and require no configuration to enjoy them.


Goodbye recurring transactions pt.2

As we announced in last month’s Banno Statement, we’re doing a little pruning by removing the recurring transactions Dashboard card from Banno Mobile. We’ve decided it no longer makes sense to support a feature that gets very little use. It will effectively be unavailable to your users as of Tuesday, August 13.


iOS device encryption

14% of iOS devices running Banno Mobile don’t have a device passcode set. While we currently encrypt effectively all app data on device, we're switching to encryption provided by iOS® this fall. At that time, any device that doesn't have a device passcode will no longer have a cache of Banno data, meaning that the user will have to wait to receive data.

We recommend that you encourage your users to protect their device with a passcode and biometrics.

If you have questions about anything you read here, contact support.

Release notes are posted in the ForClients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.