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January 2019

Saved replies in Conversations, organizing dashboard cards, enhanced searching capabilities, & more pages coming to Banno Online

Hey there!

Happy New Year! It’s been a minute since we put out a monthly statement – sorry about that. We’ve shipped a whole lot of goodies and we’re gearing up to deliver even more. Here’s a look at what’s coming your way.

New feature

Saved replies

For those of you trying Conversations early on, you can now leverage saved replies. We noticed several teams were digging up canned responses from their inbox every time they needed to send a particular response, so we made it easier by adding saved replies to Banno Support. These messages are easy to set up and can be applied to a conversation in just a couple of clicks.

New feature

2-step verification enrollment tweaks

Across the board, mobile users generally understood the process for enrolling their account in another form of authentication beyond their username and password. We took a number of customers live on Banno Online last month and noticed some users were struggling with the process.

We very quickly released a change to the process that helps users understand what they're being asked to do and has them select their preferred out-of-band delivery method as part of enrollment rather than defaulting to SMS. Banno Online remembers this choice as long as the user uses the same browser to sign in next time.

New feature

More pages coming to Banno Online

In early February we're enabling a few new pages in Banno Online that will help users find what they're looking for even faster.

A new page accessible from the main menu will show a list of all accounts a user has so that they don't have to page through multiple lists on the dashboard. Users with more than 5 or so accounts are going to love this. This also provides an additional entry point for account opening.

We're adding a page where users can view their scheduled transfers to more easily make edits and manage their external transfer accounts. We heard that users are having a hard time finding where to enter their micro-deposit amounts, so we're fixing that.

Payments are also getting a dedicated page. Scheduled payments and their payees can all be managed from this page, which will include a calendar view for getting a thousand-foot view of when payments are landing.

That's all for now, but we continue to listen and watch for usability enhancements we can make so that Banno is the easiest platform to use across all age groups and demographics.


Cash management hold status

In NetTeller®, cash management users can be placed in a status wherein their access is restricted. Until recently, Banno didn't honor this status and would let cash management users enter the apps. As of this month for those of you on Silverlake, we're now honoring this status, so you should expect an uptick in customer calls wondering why they can't access their app. It's totally normal; they were in a bad state and shouldn't have had access.

New feature

Organize your cards

Banno Mobile has given users the ability to organize their dashboard cards for years now. With Banno Online we're introducing this capability and testing some subtle changes to how we present this information.

We're shooting for additional dashboard cards to be ready in Banno Online in early February. These cards include scheduled transfers, payments, and financial institution support.

New feature

Searching, sorting & printing

We're test driving some enhanced searching capabilities in Banno Online before we bring them into the mobile apps. As of this month, users can search by date range, amount range, check range, and transaction type. Ascending and descending sorting is now available by our default order, check number, amount, and transaction type.

We also made it much easier to print these sorted and filtered transactions. Try it out yourself, it looks amazing.

New feature

iPay enhancements

Recurring payments are finally upon us. In the next release, users will be able to set up payments to happen again and again.

Speaking of payments happening repeatedly, if a user attempts to make a payment that the system thinks is a duplicate, we'll prompt the user to confirm the action before sending the payment. This speedbump will help reduce the number of unintended duplicate payments.

New feature

Other enhancements

Here are some simpler but equally awesome updates coming your way this month:

For those of you with Banno's self-enrollment, you can now choose to restrict enrollment by age. All those millionaire toddlers are going to be so disappointed.

We now require an internet connection during sign-out. This makes sure that devices are properly deauthorized and lets us know not to send alerts via push notification to this profile.

We'll do a better job of reporting when the core system is in memo-mode for our credit union users.

If you're ready to enable any of these New feature, or if you have questions, contact support.

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