Hey there!

We had an exciting month of preparing big features that we think you'll love. In fact, we were so busy cooking up new improvements, I couldn't get this statement out to you sooner. Thanks for your patience. Without further ado, here's your monthly statement.


Imminent iconography update

We meticulously crafted a totally new set of icons for our apps that are more balanced, provide a fresher look, and better represent the intended subject. The change is subtle but positive.

These beautiful new icons land in all of our apps in late October.

New features

ACH & Wire approvals

We admit, it took a minute to get here. So, now let's celebrate the fact that ACH & Wire approvals are now available in Banno Mobile™ and Banno Online™!

With these features, we're closing a major chapter in the book of transitioning from goDough® to Banno Mobile™. And this is just the beginning of our strategy to help improve the digital lives of your small business users.

Reach out if you're ready to enable these features.


R.I.P. iOS® 9

We've officially removed support for iOS® 9 now that iOS® 12 has landed. When iOS® 9 users update to the latest version of the app, they will be alerted that they will no longer receive app updates unless they update to a newer version of iOS®. Dropping support for older and barely-used operating system versions helps us keep our code clean and easier to maintain, allowing us to move quickly on new development rather than monkey-patching issues that will never be fixed on an old OS. Less than 1% of iOS® users with Banno Mobile™ are using iOS® 9 today.

RIP, sweet iOS® 9, you were good to us.


We heard you like donut charts

Geezeo® in Banno Mobile™? Finally! We're thrilled to announce that you can now enable our Geezeo® single sign-on integration that works on iOS®, Android™, and the web. Sorry for the delay.

Connect with us if you have Geezeo® and are ready to enable it in Banno.

New features

User profile management 2.0

It's not really 2.0, but we landed a bunch of new features that let users manage their own profiles.

On the mobile apps, users can now update their email addresses and phone numbers. For NetTeller® banks, we'll update the email address in NetTeller and let that system update the core. For those of you using Remote Deposit Anywhere™ from EPS™, we'll go ahead and update the email address there, too.

All apps now allow users to update their usernames as well.

Banno Online™ is the first to land the ability to set account nicknames. If you're on NetTeller®, the account names are shared, so there's no way they will get out of sync.

Banno Online™ is also the first of our apps to offer the ability for users to update their addresses. We're leveraging the new conversations feature for this, so it's a prerequisite to offering address change.


Account aggregation

We've had challenges with maintaining a stable connection to several institutions that were previously aggregated, so we're making the tough call to suspend support for these institutions until we can find a more stable path.

Institutions to be removed:
  • Bank of America®
  • Discover® Card
  • Elan™
  • Huntington® National Bank
  • PNC Bank
  • TD Bank
If you're ready to enable any of these new features, or if you have questions, contact support.