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August 2018

Conversations beta, faces, & iPay improvements

Stay tuned

New alerts engine update

We started the beta program for our brand new alerts engine last month and we've learned so much since then. Big thanks to our customers that have helped with the initial testing! We're tuning the system based on what we've learned and getting it ready for prime time. To those of you who reached out to us where we declined to enable the new alerts, we'll get back to you when we're ready to take on more testers.

New features

Change your username

Finally! This month, Banno Mobile and Banno Online will enable your users to update their usernames. For banks, we're achieving this by updating the NetTeller® alias. For credit unions without NetTeller®, we're updating the username on the preference record.

This feature is slightly delayed for inclusion in our iOS® apps, but we're on track to have it ready by the next release.

Like most features, you control when this gets rolled out to your users, so reach out if you're interested in enabling username changes.

New features

Just for credit unions

We're happy to share that we're moving the needle in a couple areas specifically for our credit unions:

A small-but-mighty change is that we can now update the date of the last sign in on member preference records. If you're using this value for anything else, we'll make sure we update it for you.

We're also testing a new PowerOn® that improves our display of pending transactions and ACH holds.

Reach out if you're dying to try this.

New features

iPay improvements

We love iPay and we're excited to offer some small enhancements this month that help improve the user experience:

Memos can now be added to payments! A memo can be added right after you enter the payment amount.

The payment method (like if it's check or electronic) is now shown on the payment screen and in the rush delivery options. This brings our apps closer to displaying what may be shown in the iPay site.


Security changes incoming

We let you know last month about our changes related to checking the status of a user in Banno Mobile. We're about to roll out this change that affects your users in the following ways:

  • Users with expired passwords will be prompted to update their passwords in the app, even if they've accessed the app by PIN or biometric. If you don't have passwords set to automatically expire (good for you!) this won't apply to you.
  • The amount of time allowed to pass between high risk actions will be increased from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.

iOS® 9 support ending in September

As we mentioned last month, iOS® 12 is coming this fall and at that time we’ll be dropping support for iOS® 9. We’ll continue to support iOS® 10, 11, and 12, which will cover the vast majority of users.

Stay tuned

Conversations beta starts next month

We’re wrapping up the initial offering of our biggest new feature: conversations! With it, you can efficiently and securely assist your customers through an interface they will find familiar and inviting. Your support team will instantly have access to context about your customers to help better serve them. Names, faces, and biographies will help to bring the personal service that differentiates you into your digital channel. All this will be ready soon, and there’s so much more to come.

Conversations will be ready for beta testing in September in Banno Online and we will start a broader rollout over the next few months to include more customers and support in Banno Mobile.


Security questions deprecation

If you're still asking users for answers to knowledge-based security questions (aka MFA), please reach out so that we can help you transition to out-of-band authentication as your second factor of authentication. We've officially deprecated support for security questions and will be actively working to move everyone to help you avoid audit issues.

New features

Sea of faces

Last month, Banno Online introduced a simple-but-powerful feature for our shared future: Faces. Your users can now share a selfie that flows all the way through the system into Banno People℠ and our new conversations feature.

In the August release of Banno Mobile, we're adding the same magic. Users will be able to take a selfie or choose a photo from their camera roll, crop it to perfection, and add it to their profile.

We hope this helps make banking more personal for you and your users.

New features

Reset 2FA for your users

In July, we added support for out-of-band authentication for your employees signing into which will also allow users with Banno People℠ access to reset 2FA for Banno Mobile and Banno Online users. If you have a user that's unable to get past the 2FA prompt, you can reset their enrollment for them. That's right—you don't have to call us.

This is available for you today. You can require out-of-band enrollment for your Banno People℠ users by creating a new group that requires 2FA or modifying your existing groups. You can even set a future date to enforce 2FA enrollment.

Reach out if you have questions.

If you're ready to enable any of these new features, or if you have questions, contact support.

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