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June 2023

Case tag reporting, TM Wires enhancements, CD Renew PowerOn update • Plus more

🇺🇸 Free to rejoice! 🇺🇸

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and we cannot wait to celebrate our great nation with family and friends! Before it's time to fire up the grill and shoot off the biggest fireworks we can get our hands on, though, we better take a few minutes to update y'all on some new and upcoming features.

After you check out our latest offerings and get the skinny on what's headed your way soon, do us a favor and have yourself a heck of an Independence Day weekend!

Coming Soon • Banno Online™ & Banno Mobile™

Zelle® ready contacts

We originally announced that we would soon be adding support for Zelle ready contacts back in September 2022. Unfortunately, soon after that, our teams needed to hit pause on the development work, which obviously has delayed the release of this functionality.

We are happy to report that the teams are back at it now, and support for Zelle ready contacts is nearly ready for release in Banno Online and Mobile. To avoid jumping the gun, we have engaged a few beta customers to put things to the test first. Once we’re confident everything looks a-ok, we’ll make the functionality generally available to all customers. Stay tuned here for further updates!

Want to offer Zelle support at your financial institution? Just contact your Digital Sales Executive to get the ball rolling.

Heads Up • Treasury Management

Delivering wire files via sFTP

Wire file delivery via sFTP is almost ready for prime time! This time-saving feature allows your businesses to send wire files directly to Treasury Management using Secure File Transfer Protocol vs having to upload or manually key wires into Channel.

Please contact your Digital Sales Executive to receive pricing information and procure a contract, as sFTP for wires will be generally available mid-July!

Screenshot of Wire Payment Activity report with new filters.
Coming Soon • Treasury Management

Filters for Wire Payment Activity reports

The Treasury team is putting the finishing touches on a new feature for the existing Wire Payment Activity report. This enhancement adds tiles for totals to the report, empowering users to easily filter and toggle between the eight different wire statuses for current + seven days of wire activity.

We’ll send an SLA with the final date this feature will be enabled for all Treasury banks in Production.

Coming Soon • Banno Platform

Revised user agreements

Soon, we will release a revised version of the Jack Henry end user agreement license (EULA) displayed in Banno apps. Once the new version is ready for primetime, you will have the opportunity to review, so you can edit your financial institution’s custom EULA to avoid any redundancies, etc. with the Jack Henry EULA that is appended to it.*

No action required yet

There is no support ticket necessary to prepare for this coming change, as we will provide another update with any additional details once the revised EULA is ready to share.

Release timing and review period

During July, please keep an eye out for an update regarding release timing and the dates of the review period, so we can ensure that you know beforehand when your users will start getting prompted to accept the new terms.

*Customers using our standard EULA won’t need to do anything other than review, unless you want to add terms that are specific to your bank or credit union.

Heads Up • Digital Platform reminders


Here are a handful of things to remember this month:

Digital Meetup on July 14

Reserve your spot today for our next Digital Meetup on Friday, July 14 at 11am CT. We'll see you there!

Conversations for Business

Last month, we announced that Conversations for Business hit Banno Mobile version 3.3 for those of you testing or live with Banno Business. Late in the review process, however, we decided to pull it out due to some issues noticed very late in the deployment process. We’re excited to say those have been addressed and it’ll be in version 3. 4—for real this time 🙂.

Treasury Management resources

Don't forget to check out the Treasury Management assets we recently added to the Jack Henry Resource Center! Currently, you'll find these three customizable offerings, which can be modified to reflect your financial institution's branding:

  • General Platform Overview
  • How to Use the Treasury Management Dashboard
  • The Initial Login Experience

Banno Mobile™ PS application has been sunset

On June 1, 2023, Jack Henry ended support for Banno Mobile™ Aggregated Services (also called Banno Mobile™ PS), as further detailed in the sunset notice that we sent via SLA on April 12, 2023. For a refresher on the details, please jump over to last month's Statement.

Movie poster for the Authentication Framework video.
Heads Up • Digital Toolkit

Toolkit Corner: Authentication Framework explained in 1 minute

Continuing the 'snackable' learning content theme we ran with for May's Toolkit Corner, we’ve got another video offering for you this month. If you can spare 60 seconds or so, you've got all the time you'll need to learn the basics of the Authentication Framework—including how we use various tokens to safely verify authentication and authorization (i.e., access rights) for your employees and end users.

Check out the new video now on the Getting Started page for the Authentication Framework.

New Feature • Banno Reports

Case tag reporting for Conversations

You’ve seen this one in our statement for some time now, and we’re glad to say it is now available! When you request and download the All Conversations report within Banno Reports, you’ll notice a new column in the report which contains all tags associated with each conversation. This addition is retroactive, so you’ll be able to view tags on conversations from before the release of case tag reporting—you just need to request a new report.

We hope this will help you better understand the things your accountholders are needing help with, so you can work to address their needs beyond the customer support flow. This feature hit production in early June, and requires no additional configuration for those of you already using Conversations and Reports.

Happy reporting!

Heads Up • Banno People™

Search by CIF

Last month we announced that the frequently requested Search by CIF and member number is live and ready for use. This is accurate; however, we failed to mention that this functionality is not supported for customers on Core Director. Due to security concerns around the Core Director CIF, any CIF number entered into the user search in People will not perform the search on the CIF field.

We apologize for the oversight and any confusion that it caused!

Heads Up • Banno Online™ & Banno Mobile™

Power up your PowerOns: Certificate renewal

If you need a way for members to see the maturity date of their certificates of deposit within Banno, the CD Renew PowerOn has a solution. The CD Renew PowerOn will show members the maturity date and also allow members to choose what happens to their CD upon maturity.

For those already using this PowerOn, here are some of the recent updates made to it:

  • New eligibility criteria based on IRS codes
  • Ability to see any existing transfers setup to be made out of the CD upon maturity
  • Ability to see the terms that the CD would renew with, rather than just the original terms

If you are interested in installing or upgrading the CD Renew PowerOn, please submit a Support case on the For Clients portal.

Need to check a PowerOn version? Just follow these steps.

Graphic of computer open to the Jack Henry Digital Knowledge Base homepage.
Heads Up • Knowledge Base

The quest for knowledge

Looking for answers? We probably can't help you find the meaning of life, but if you're looking for specific docs, we can help you there. In fact, now that we've kicked off a series of behind-the-scenes enhancements to our search algorithm, you should already notice much-improved results when using the Knowledge Base search bar.

While you're on the hunt for knowledge, don't miss the latest additions and updates we've published during June:

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.

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