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March 2023

Video Chat in beta • Linking third-party accounts • Banno Business™ beta updates • Plus more

It’s finally Spring! A time for flowers, seventh-inning stretches, and (thankfully) more daylight! Whether you took the family on a cross-country adventure for spring break or just kept working away, we hope your season is off to a great start.

Our team has a great lineup for this month’s Statement, and more exciting changes are on deck! We’re really giving it our all to hit one out of the park with every project, and we hope this Statement lands like a home run, too! Okay, enough with the baseball idioms and on to the good stuff...

Screenshot of a newly created video chat room in Banno Support.
New Feature • Banno Online™ & Banno Support™

Video chat & screen sharing in beta testing now

Let’s be honest, some conversations are best had face-to-face; there’s no way around it. That’s why your customer service teams are about to have a powerful new tool at their fingertips.

With the new video chat and screen sharing functionality we're offering, you can have in-depth conversations and quickly resolve those more complicated accountholder issues without the need to be in-person. By giving your employees and users this convenient way to share any part of their screen during video calls, you can light the path to quicker resolutions and a better support experience.

With beta testing already underway, we aren’t seeking any additional testers; however, if your financial institution has contracted for video chat and screen sharing, you can expect to have these features soon. Not yet contracted? No worries! Reach out to your Digital Sales Executive at

New feature • Banno Platform

Finicity: Linking third-party accounts

Last month, we told you that we were working on providing your users the ability to link third-party accounts within your app, making your financial institution the digital hub for your accountholders. We’re excited to announce that we’re almost there! The feature is now in closed beta, and we're working with a group of beta testers to ensure that the functionality meets your needs out of the gate.

We appreciate that you’re excited to put this feature to use, but we've reached participant capacity for efficient testing and are therefore not accepting additional beta testers at this time. We will reach out soon, though, to discuss enablement timelines with those of you who have contracted for Finicity.

To dig into the details on how the feature works, check out the newly published Link an account from another financial institution article on the Knowledge Base. To inquire about offering this feature, please contact your Digital Sales Executive.

Heads up • Banno Mobile™ & Banno Online™

Advanced data analytics

Over the next few months we will begin to capture advanced analytics from our end users as they are utilizing our Online and Mobile platforms. Collecting real-world usage data from our customers and your end users will arm our product, engineering, and leadership teams with the insights we need to better prioritize the features and functionality that matter most.

These same analytics will be contractually available for you to take advantage of as well. We’ll provide you with the raw data and you can pull it into Looker Studio, JHA Know, PowerBI, Adobe Analytics, or the reporting platform your financial institution prefers.

We’re extremely excited about the new insights and opportunities this will bring to both our teams and yours! For more info on how you can benefit from these analytics down the road, check out the Advanced Analytics and Reporting collateral doc on the Knowledge Base, and don't miss our very own Anna Campbell's related piece on Jack Henry FinTalk. And if you already know you want to get contracted, reach out to your Digital Sales Executive.

Coming Soon + Heads Up • Treasury Management

It's all happening!

The Treasury Management team has been hard at it again this month, and we're wrapping up some important changes and enhancements that will be headed your way during April.

Coming Soon: Information Reporting

Exciting Information Reporting enhancements are just around the corner! We're preparing to enable these new and modified report features for all Treasury banks in the next few weeks. You can read all about these features on For Clients.

Coming soon: ACH Effective Dates

We’re finalizing a project that will reduce the lift required on your end when submitting an uploaded Nacha file in Treasury Management! We expect to be live in the April timeframe with a new enhancement that will automatically apply the effective date that's noted in the Batch Header Record (Record Type 5). This will eliminate the need for users to select an effective date for each batch that's uploaded. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for final details!

Heads Up: Treasury Management alerts migration

As announced Monday, March 13, Treasury Management alerts will be migrating to ENS. We have scheduled the migrations to take place the morning of Thursday, April 6, and no action is required on your part or by the companies or users you serve.

Reminder: Despite the April 6 migration date, billing for these alerts will not begin until July 2023.

Heads Up • Banno Platform reminders


We have just a couple of follow-up notes to share this month:

Removing interest rates from bank loans

As we addressed last month, it's not currently possible in Banno to display a variable interest rate for bank loan accounts. Therefore, rather than potentially misinforming users, during the first week of April, we're removing interest rates from the Account details screen for loan accounts.

This change, which doesn't affect credit unions, is not intended for the long haul. Our team is defining the scope required for an ideal solution, and we will share the plan in a future Statement once it's ready.

Permissions segments

After running into availability issues during our first attempt to beta test Permissions segments, we've regrouped and kicked off testing with another financial institution. We're hearing valuable feedback, and the testing is going well. We expect to release the feature in April and are looking forward to announcing that it's available in the next Statement.

Heads up • Banno Digital Toolkit™

Read the docs in light or dark mode

We’ve updated the Digital Toolkit docs with a nifty feature that lets you switch between three different modes when reading the docs:

  • Always display the docs in light mode
  • Always display the docs in dark mode
  • Display in light mode or dark mode depending on the device’s light mode / dark mode setting

You can switch between the modes at any time by using the sun / moon icon in the upper-right corner of the docs.

This gives you more control to read the docs in the way that is most comfortable to you.

Heads up • Banno Online™ & Banno Mobile™

Transaction tags

As you know from the SLA that Ben Metz sent on March 10, we learned some hard lessons from the transaction enrichment rollout, and we made the decision to revert. As part of this reversion, transaction tags are now available again in Banno Online™ and will be included in Banno Mobile™ 3.2, which is slated for release in the first week of May.

Tags will not change again until we're sure transaction enrichment is ready for a smooth rollout. We recognize that the release should support a better migration story for the tags in use as well as provide the ability to edit categories, create custom categories, and tie transactions to multiple categories.

In short, the next change for tags will involve combining them with the spending categories from the PFM functionality. Please watch for progress updates on this revised plan in the coming months.

Coming Soon • Banno Online™

Direct Connect is on the way

While we are still working on some updates to enhance the user experience for the Direct Connect feature, we can officially announce that we will deploy the Direct Connect offering for our financial institutions on April 25. Please note that after we deploy the feature on April 25, there's a bit of operational work and configuration that's required before Direct Connect is available to end users.

If you'd like to offer Direct Connect, please open a case with our support team to enable Direct Connect Authentication.

Screenshot from the Create an Organization User workflow in Banno People.
Banno Business™ updates • Banno Online™ & Banno Admin

User management and Wires updates for Credit Union beta testers

Our Banno Business for Credit Unions beta customers have been patiently anticipating new functionality for quite some time, so we’re happy to say that we are wrapping up the early-round beta releases involving a hefty set of features. We're set to start beta testing some critical aspects of organization and member management as well as domestic wires management.

Take a closer look at what’s ready and coming soon for credit unions!

Available in People and Online: Create and view organization members

At long last, credit unions can add and invite new members to organizations from within People! While it took longer than anticipated, we're extremely excited to have this feature in your hands. Additionally, once the first organization administrator has been created, that administrator can then add new members to their organization within Banno Online. Self-service for the win!

Coming soon in People: View and manage organization accounts and permissions

Once an organization has been created, the next logical steps are viewing and managing it. We’re working hard to build the capability into People, where Credit Union employees can enable accounts, permissions, and account permissions for the organization. Soon, we’ll add the option to edit ACH, Wires, and Transfers permissions (and more!) in People.

Coming soon in People & Online: View and manage organization member accounts and permissions

When we’re talking about small business banking, it's obvious that credit union employees' and organization administrators' needs stretch beyond the ability to create members. You also need more granular control over which accounts an organization’s members can access and what they can do with those accounts. We’ve got you covered there. We're firing on all cylinders to build functionality—in both People and Online—for customizing an individual organization member's accounts and permissions.

Coming soon in People & Online: Create, manage, and transmit domestic wires

Our credit union customers have made it clear giving their organization members a way to quickly and securely send domestic wires is among your highest priorities. Rest assured, your members will soon be able to create, manage, and transmit wires for any wire-eligible account. They will also be able to view all wires that have been processed or are pending transmission. Equally important to any financial institution, your authorized staff will be able to fine-tune account settings and establish wire limits.

There's so much exciting Banno Business functionality coming out of our development teams these days that we're already looking forward to sharing more updates in the April Statement. Stay tuned for more!

Heads up • Banno Digital Platform™ Knowledge Base

Documentation updates

Our latest Knowledge Base updates include the following:

If you have questions about anything you have read here, please contact Support.

Release notes are posted in the For Clients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.



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