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November 2019

Username, password, and one-time passcode autofill, new dashboard card menus design, & design changes coming soon

I say it all the time, but this month is BIG. We're working hard to bring you more goodness every month and this month is one for the record books. Included in this statement is a summary of the most notable updates that have just landed or will be coming your way soon. For a full list of changes, find our release notes on the ForClients portal.

Coming soon • Apps

Full-service credit card payments

Full-service credit card customers, your time has come. We'll be reaching out to you soon to begin the process of enabling your customers to make payments to their credit cards using eligible checking and savings accounts within Banno Mobile and Banno Online.

Coming soon • Apps

MyCardRules for full-service credit cards (banks)

We rolled out support for MyCardRules advanced card controls for debit cards a couple of months ago, and we're happy to announce that the same controls are now available for JHA full-service credit cards! Credit card customers can manage their spending limits, block different merchants or transaction types, or simply set up alerts to be notified when a transaction occurs.

Contact your sales rep if you're interested in MyCardRules.

New feature • iOS®

Autofill username, password, and one-time passcode

You know how browsers offer to store your username and password after you've succesfully signed in? Well, now Banno Mobile for iOS® will as well. Better yet, if a user opts to have their device securely store the credentials, the credentials can be autofilled with a press of a button and a quick biometric check, regardless of if they are signing in via their browser or the native application. We don't think users should have to remember their passwords or spend time typing them, and this change to associate Banno Mobile apps with Banno Online sets the stage for many powerful features.

Also included in this change: if a user opts to receive their 2FA code via SMS, the app will automatically suggest the code that was just received. It's just as secure, and even more convenient.

This is automatically enabled for you if you have Banno Mobile and Banno Online but is unavailable if you aren't live with Banno Online.

Coming soon • People

Unlock users

Wish you could determine if a user was locked out of their account and be able to push a single button to unlock them? You're in luck! A new feature coming to Banno People℠ does just that. When you view a profile for a user we will display their status, and if that user is locked out you will see a button to unlock them. We will be rolling this out to banks and credit unions automatically in early December, so no need to create a case.

Notice • Apps

Account aggregation

We're sad to announce that the following financial institutions will no longer be available for aggregation through Banno. It's always a tough call to remove support, but we've not been able to find a way to make the connection to these financial institutions.

financial institutions to be removed:
  • US Bank
  • Ally
  • BMO Harris
  • Cabela's Club Visa
  • KeyBank
Heads up • Apps

Design changes coming in early 2020

We're beyond excited to publicly announce that in early 2020, the design of your apps will get a big upgrade. We're making a more immersive design, increasing the number of branding points, and setting the stage for many usability and feature improvements in the single biggest update we've made to our app design. We'll be proactive with giving you a preview of the changes to your application well before we release it to your users so that you can prepare for and communicate the changes. Stay tuned!

You won't need to make a case to get these changes; they'll be headed your way.

Enhancement • Apps

Better access to support for your users

We've redesigned the Support screen in Banno Mobile and added one to Banno Online to make it easy for your users to get the help they need or to find your ATM and branch locations. Conversations is also at the forefront to help pave the way for an even more robust customer service experience in the future. This change is already in production for Banno Online and is in the 2.14 release of Banno Mobile, so you don't need to reach out to us to get it.

Enhancement • People

View transfers & payments in Banno People℠

We've added access to payments and payees in Banno People℠ so that if a user reaches out to you with a question, you'll have better visibility into what they are referencing. The new Payments card within a user profile lets you easily see the same scheduled payments the user sees with easy access to view all payees.

We're also just about to release a new transfers card within a user profile in Banno People℠ so that you can more easily discover scheduled transfers. You should see it show up in mid November.

Enhancement • Apps

New design for dashboard card menus

In version 2.14 of Banno Mobile, the options for resizing and organizing dashboard cards have been completely redesigned. The 3D card flip was really cool back in the day, but we felt it was time to move on and provide a better looking and more ergonomic method for customizing the dashboard. Try it out!

If you have questions about anything you read here, contact support.

Release notes are posted in the ForClients portal in advance of mobile releases and contain a rollup of all client-side changes made to Banno within the period.

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