Hey there,

This month we’re starting something new. We have a lot of new announcements that we'd typically send to you one by one. Instead of filling your inbox for each thing, we will be bundling our communication into a monthly update. We’re calling it your monthly statement.

In this monthly statement, we’ll call out the biggest changes we’re making to Banno that affect you and your users. For specific release notes and more in-depth product information, you should continue to use the ForClients site.

Without further ado, here’s your first monthly statement.


iOS® 9 support ending in September

With iOS® 12 on the horizon for this fall, we’re dropping support for iOS® 9. We’ll continue to support iOS® 10, 11, and 12, which will cover the vast majority of users.

New features

Account ordering

Account ordering is finally here! We removed the old "prioritize this account" control to let users set the exact order of all their accounts in the Dashboard and Accounts screens, even accounts connected from other institutions.

The existing order of accounts is preserved until a user changes it in Banno Mobile™ or Banno Online™, providing a smooth transition.

New features

External transfer enhancements

In the latest version of Banno Mobile™ and Banno Online™, we've added two new features that give you more control over transfers made.

In Banno People℠, you can now set a dollar limit on external transfers that, if exceeded, will force a user to enter their password before the transfer is submitted. We've also added a velocity control for external transfers to limit the number of times a user can create an external transfer per day.

These configurations are available in Banno People℠ for anyone with external transfers enabled.

Banno now allows the account that funds your micro-deposits used for external transfer account verification to be overdrawn. This is for you if you're not keen on keeping that account funded.

New features

Digital enrollment, forgot password, and status check

We’re excited to announce that Banno Mobile™ and Banno Online™ can now enable your account holders to enroll in digital banking. On top of that, we added a similar workflow for your existing users to recover their usernames or reset their passwords if they forget them, built on our recent two-factor authentication project we released last year. If that weren’t enough, forcing users to update their expired passwords (if that’s part of your password policy) once they’ve signed in is now ready to be configured as well.

We need your help to enable each of these features. Unlike most features within Banno, these three are not able to be tested by a small number of users since they occur either ahead of the sign in process or as part of it. We need to set up a window of time to test these out and roll back if there are problems. Fortunately, we're confident everything is going to work great.

Reach out if you're interested in enabling these features.


New alerts engine

We know that alerts coming from Banno haven’t been awesome, so we went back to the drawing board. We’re excited to announce that Banno Mobile™ and Banno Online™ users can now configure better, more meaningful alerts.

Our new alerts improve our ability to deliver notifications closer to the time that the alerting event takes place and gives users more control over what triggers an alert and how they are notified. Balance threshold, withdrawal, and deposit alerts are available to be set up per account.

We're looking for as many early adopters as we can to help tune the new system, so if you're interested, please reach out to try our new alerts.


Security questions deprecation

The United States National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) released new guidelines related to authentication. The focus is on favoring the user; making password policies user friendly and putting the burden on the verifier where possible. Among the list of changes to NIST guidelines are the removal of knowledge-based authentication, which is when a site says “Pick from a list of questions – Where did you attend high school? – and tell us the answer in case we ever need to check that it’s you.”

Starting in August 2018, we will no longer allow new institutions to use security questions and will announce a date for dropping support altogether in the future. If you haven't enabled out-of-band authentication yet, please reach out so we can help better secure your user's accounts.

New features

Faces coming to profiles

When people stop into your branches or service centers, you see their face and they see yours. It's time to bring the same simple concept to the digital channel. Starting in July, Banno Mobile™ and Banno Online™ users will be able to take a selfie to add to their profile that will also appear in Banno People℠. We're excited to show you who your users are.

Stay tuned

2FA coming to Banno.com in July

We're getting ready to ship the ability for groups in your institution to add a second layer of authentication. Once enabled, signing in to Banno.com to access People and other apps will require you to enroll with our out-of-band authentication provider, Authy, which will send a one-time, time-based code to the Authy app (available on Windows®, MacOS®, iOS®, and Android™) or to your phone via SMS or voice call.

Following this rollout, we'll be adding the ability for institution users with 2FA enabled to reset the enrollment of Banno Mobile™ and Banno Online™ users from Banno People℠.


Update on Geezeo®

We shipped our single sign-on integration with Geezeo® a few months back and have discovered a tricky issue with how it was built that doesn't work with our iOS® app and the Safari® browser due to third-party cookie restrictions. We realize there are many of you waiting to enable Geezeo® so we're working hard to provide you with a version of our integration that will work well for all your users.

If you're ready to enable any of these new features, or if you have questions, contact support.