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Banno People

Keep your people front and center.

Your FI has always prided itself on the personal, one-on-one service your employees provide. It’s what sets you apart from the big guys. That service stems from human connection—from knowing the goals and needs of the people you’re working with—and building trust through relevant provisions.


Restore the human factor.

People facilitates human connection with your account holders. User profile photos and details ensure that your branch employees always know who they’re working with.

And thanks to comprehensive visibility into account and loan activity, branch employees can interact with your account holders in full confidence that they’re engaging in a relevant way.

Banno Support on a laptop

Resolve issues faster.

There is power in connection—human-to-human and feature-to-feature. People connects directly to Banno Support, so when the conversations come rolling in, your branch employees have instant access to users’ profiles and account details—all in one place.



See what your account holders see.

As your branch employees receive questions and requests via Support, they get immediate context around the user’s situation, because they see a complete log of the user’s actions on their activity timeline as well as all the notifications received by the user.

Banno People, user activity timeline
Banno People, recent transactions

Transactions are easy to find.

When account holders reach out with questions about a transaction, your branch employees can get to the bottom of the issue quickly with recent transaction lists and a smart transaction search feature.

Plus, branch employees can share access to relevant transactions lists with the account holder and let them indicate the specific transaction in question—all to build a shared context and create a more meaningful interaction between your FI and your account holders.

Manage user permissions.

Part of the beauty of Banno is its level of configurability—and the resulting opportunity for extra fee income.

People lets you easily configure features down to the user level. Simply search for a specific account holder for whom to switch permissions for specific features on and off.

Banno People, manage user permissions
Banno People, send push notifications

Communicate at scale.

People isn’t all about being reactive—your FI can initiate communication too. Create and schedule in-app messages to all—or some of—your account holders on the digital channel via push notifications. Messages can include text, images and links, giving you the opportunity to broadcast anything from general notifications to engaging marketing announcements.

Foster relationships on the digital channel.

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