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The first-ever secure chat for mobile banking.

You’re there for account holders in-branch. Imagine giving them the same service over the digital channel—literally.

Remember the good ol’ days? They’re back.

If you’re like us, you’ve been reminiscing the days when your institution could really help people, because you knew them at a personal level. What if you could have the good ol’ days back?

Noting the disparity between the “days of old” and the digital world we live in now, Banno has given you a way to engage personally and contextually with users on the digital channel: Conversations.

Hi Mary How's the family? About past banking experience
Mobile device showing Banno Conversations app

Restore natural dialogue.

Digital banking has brought convenience with the ability to self-serve, but self-service has its limits. With Conversations, reaching the edge of self-service—the point at which users need assistance from you—is no longer a showstopper.

Now, someone from your branch can be pulled into the service stream as part of the banking app experience.

Deliver a service experience on par with what they expect from visiting your branch.

With Conversations, you can help people, via chat, in the context of their unique problems. Core connection gives you full visibility of user account activity. And since you have full assurance that users are authenticated, you can even transact on their behalf.



Banno Connversations, customer chat tool

What might that look like?

Imagine that your customer or member sees a questionable transaction on their account. He can simply open a conversation, and it will bring the transaction with them to a new chat thread.

The support representative on your side of the conversation—at your branch—will be able to interact with the attached transaction right inside Support℠, instead of having to look it up in another system.

Managing multiple conversations is easy.

Staying on top of incoming chat conversations was top-of-mind as we designed the FI’s side of the conversation. It all happens right within Support.

Clear conversation statuses and the ability to assign each conversation to a teller makes helping multiple people at once a breeze.

So when six conversations come in at once, branch employees can easily share the load and enter dialogues, confident about the conversation status and subject matter.

Banno Support on a laptop

Rest easy—Conversations is audit-friendly.

Because Banno apps are core-connected, Conversations is totally audit-able. Every single conversation is stored forever, so each dialogue can be audited both externally and internally. We know the auditing process can be stressful—this is just one less thing you have to worry about.