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City National Bank

“With your new app there is little doubt that I will close my Bank of America account and move all of my funds to City National Bank. The new app is great!”

Customer at City National Bank
City National Bank website

Fortis Private Bank

Crystal Quinn, Denver, Colorado

“I have had such a positive experience in all facets working with your team and am looking forward to future developments.”

Crystal Quinn, Denver, Colorado
Fortis Private Bank website

Incredible Bank

Philip Suckow, Digital Product Manager

“The knowledge and skills this group (Banno) brings to the table around mobile banking is unmatched by anything we could do ourselves as a community bank. The Banno team has truly been a valuable asset to allowing our company to be a leader in mobile banking.”

Philip Suckow, Digital Product Manager
Incredible Bank website

River Valley Bank

Todd Nagel, CEO

“Banno Mobile™ allows us to meet our customers’ demands for a mobile banking experience quickly and effortlessly. Our customers can log in, check account balances, transfer money, initiate P2P payments, and more, all with just one touch—something we couldn’t find anywhere else.”

Todd Nagel, CEO
River Valley Bank website

TruStone Financial

Hans Iverson, COO

“We chose to partner with Banno because of their commitment to providing an on-the-go innovative banking solution. Member feedback since the app was launched has lauded the modern design and customizable experience. We look forward to our continued partnership.”

Hans Iverson, COO
TruStone Financial website

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