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Website Design Portfolio

Banno's websites are enchanting our clients

Beautiful. Wow! Perfect. We never get tired of hearing those words. They drive us to design excellence, great communication, and a deep understanding of our client's needs, and the result speaks for itself.

Kristen Wiley, Neighborhood Credit Union

Neighborhood Credit Union

"A priority for the new was to stand out by being brand-forward. I shared my overall vision to our designer and expressed that no ideas were off limits. She took that to heart, delivering an amazing design! The collaboration process was seamless, the team was always easy to reach, and we continuously felt aware of what was going on. Thank you for a great redesign experience."

Kristen Wiley, Digital Marketing Manager

Serena Remy, Credit Union West

Credit Union West

"Over the past few years, we've found the Banno team to be receptive, flexible, problem-solvers, who are true industry experts. Simple, innovative, details in the CMS technology, like the treasury feature, shared content, and date-ordered blocks, have streamlined our web management processes, saving us hours of work. The platform's intuitive design and previewing feature allows us to easily delegate, share, and test content among internal teams."

Serena Remy, Digital Marketing Specialist

Credit Union West website
Carolyn Kiser, American National Bank and Trust Company

American National Bank and Trust Company

"[Banno] made the website development process very straightforward and easy. They were helpful in guiding us through the site development and very receptive and responsive to any feedback or questions we had along the way."

Carolyn Kiser

Caitlin Mendez, Peapack Private

Peapack Private

"We had an amazing experience working with the Banno project team on our website for Peapack Private Wealth Management. Our project manager and design team took the time to fully understand our brand and the core principles that drive our business. As a result, we have a beautiful, intuitive and differentiated website that gives our clients an even better experience as we work with them to build their legacy."

Caitlin Mendez

Peapack Private website

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