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Now you’re paying with the big dogs.

Easy-to-use digital bill pay services are a top expectation held by account holders today. Banno has made it easy for you to provide payment solutions that cater to the growing demand of simpler, faster, easier bill pay through our integration and SSO solutions.

Banno iPay integration

A faster, easier way to pay—iPay.

With iPay integration, retail and business account holders have the ability to pay almost anything digitally—and it’s simple to do: designate a payee, set the amount and schedule the payment to be sent.

And the possibilities with iPay solutions don’t end there. Additional iPay solutions can be configured via SSO, including iPay Person-to-Person (P2P), which allows account holders to send money to friends and family at a low per-transaction cost to you.

Personal Payments with

You’re not alone if you’ve noticed account balances dwindling. People are loving the convenience of digital money hand-offs, and with Fintech apps like Venmo, PayPal and Square storming the scene, funds are being tied up outside your institution.

We’re with you, and we’ve got your back with Zelle® Integration.

Banno has integrated with Zelle, a widely-adopted person-to-person payment platform used by many national banks, so that your institution can answer the demand for quick payments (we’re talking five minutes or less).

Zelle, setup personal payments

How does it work?

Zelle® is integrated with Banno, so users don’t even leave your app to send or request money—they just select “Send money with Zelle®,” and they’re on their merry way.


Zelle, send money


Enrollment happens on the fly and takes less than a minute. The first time the user interacts with Zelle®, they’re prompted to enroll and provide the necessary logistical information for sending and receiving funds. They’ll designate:

  • A primary account for sending and receiving funds;
  • How they want to be notified when funds are sent or received—a mobile number or email address.
Zelle, money sent

2Sending Money

To send money, the user chooses a recipient and the funding account and then enters the amount to be sent. And voila! The funds are typically in the recipient’s account within five minutes.

What if the receiving party of the transaction doesn’t have a Zelle® solution?


Glad you asked. Users outside the Zelle® network are invited to enroll when someone initiates or requests a payment through Zelle®, and they’ll get a text or email guiding them through enrollment.

Because Zelle® also functions as a stand-alone app, anyone can use it—regardless of whether or not their FI has it (the difference being that the money flows via debit card payments instead of ACH).

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