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What makes Banno different?

The pioneers of personal digital banking.

Switching to a new digital platform is an important decision. Your customers and members demand seamless, personal service at the moment of need. And that's exactly what we give them.

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Human-centered and community-focused in all we do.

We know community banks and credit unions.

Of the big three core vendors, Jack Henry is the only one that serves the U.S. exclusively. All of our innovation budget—14% of revenue—is devoted to furthering U.S. community financial institutions.

It's our laser-sharp focus on community banks and credit unions that positions us to become your strategic partner and help you evolve your digital experience.

And finally, it's our commitment to main street financial institutions like yours that has led our team to pioneer personal digital banking.

Community Focused

We understand your people.

They’re intent on simplifying life and staying in control.

That’s why we focus on strategic mergers and partnerships with solutions like Geezeo, a sleek personal finance management tool, and Zelle™, an integrated person-to-person payment tool designed to keep money inside your institution.

We solve real problems.

Banno takes strategy every bit as seriously as software. As a strategic partner to over 300 financial institutions across the country, we have industry experts feeding us insights which inform innovation and integrations that move the needle, like Conversations—our secure and authenticated chat channel that allows you to help account holders remotely.

You control the features

You control the features.

With Banno, you have complete control over the features displayed to your account holders, so the app experience you provide complements everything you’re about and exposes nothing that’s outside your offerings.

Generating revenue — for you.

We think critically about how we can use our technical, user experience, and industry expertise to transform Banno into a revenue center for you.

Because we know the value you bring to your local economy, we are invested in your business health and goals. Day in and day out, we go about our work with the mindset of being your business partner, not just a vendor.

Blurring the line between signed in and signed out.

Banno is breaking down the wall that exists between your marketing website and your digital banking solution—what we refer to as the authentication wall.

You know as well as we do that most of your website visitors are there to access digital banking, and they waste no time before logging in.

With Banno, your marketing campaigns can be seen across your entire digital channel—signed in or signed out. Once a user signs in, we know who they are and how they're spending and saving their money. This knowledge lets you push marketing ads to your users in the form of nonintrusive suggestions and tips that lead to action or even to a contextual digital dialogue.

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Authentication wall
Authenticated chat system

Forging the return of conversational marketing ... on the digital channel.

Speaking of the power of dialogue, Banno has built the first truly secure and authenticated chat system, which lets you harness the power of true human service and in-chat attachments, because there is a limit to what can be achieved through self-service.

We’ve leveraged core-connected technology to allow your customers and members to connect directly with local, live tellers at their exact moment of need. So you can build real relationships again by speaking to a user’s need and providing a solution (even issuing a loan), then and there, over the digital channel.

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We move lightning-fast.

Banno has made a few key winning bets over the years that have kept our barrier to innovation low, bringing you the most transformative features in fintech at unprecedented rates. Those bets? We’ve built everything API-first, and we’ve kept our core-connected digital banking solution exclusive to Jack Henry cores.

Banno is built API-first.

Banno was born out of an API (Application Programming Interface) platform model. What does it mean to be API-first? Every single feature and integration supported on Banno is first established on our own API, which lays the groundwork to simplify implementation and maintenance of features across our native iOS and Android platforms and our progressive web apps. It really speeds up feature delivery and keeps you at the forefront of fintech.

And because we’ve opened up our API with the Digital Toolkit, you can choose to bring in tools that are unique to your community—whether they’re from a third-party or something you’ve developed in-house. What’s even better is that every single one of these tools are branded and experienced as a natural extension of your existing app. No more jumping from one app to another.

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Banno is built API-first
Core exclusivity

Core exclusivity keeps us moving.

Banno innovates at this speed largely because of our decision to be exclusive to Jack Henry cores. We don’t have to build dozens of instances of features to match up to dozens of cores. That frees our time to keep pace with fintech and give you tools to succeed.

We streamline digital banking.

Part of creating human-centered solutions is making them fast, seamless, and appropriately simple for people to use. That includes for your accountholders as well as your staff. Banno provides one of the most responsive, unified, and comprehensive digital platforms in the industry.

 Banno platform

Fast and smooth applications.

We’ve engineered the Banno platform to be fast and smooth enough to rival users’ best app experiences to date. Think about the fluid scrolling you experience on Instagram or Netflix. It feels easy and ready to respond to you. That’s the way Banno apps feel.


And beautiful too.

And the way they look? Clean. Modern. Everything today’s users expect.

This level of user experience is achievable because we’ve made decisions that support building software in small, light-weight, and scalable building blocks. Decisions like building the entire Banno platform API-first and how we transmit different kinds of data.

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Key Performance Indicators

Banno has introduced a new set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against which all providers must now test themselves. In fact, Banno is beating all other providers by an average of 11.5 seconds on tasks—App Launch to App Usable, App Launch to Balance View, and App Launch to Transaction View.

Key Performance Indicators

Many tools. Several applications. One user experience.

Our API-first model promotes a single, unified user experience (UX) across features and applications.

Development of every feature and integration you see begins with establishing and documenting the API. Once features and integrations are enabled on the API, our iOS, Android and progressive web applications call the API directly, and they all return a single “Banno” user experience.



As an example, Banno supports five Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) providers through our API, and each provider shows up and acts the same on the Banno platform.

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API-first model
User Experience

Consumer-facing + Back-office Tools

This single, unified user experience spills over into back-office Banno products, too. People, Content & Marketing, and Support are entirely API-enabled as well.

Any consumer-facing fintech solutions that partner with Banno are also serviceable by your team from within Support, so they don’t have to stay familiar with the 50 different back-end tools that go along with all of your favorite products.

The API matches components in the back office to how they’re experienced across our digital banking solutions, so your team doesn’t have to guess what it is that your account holders are describing. And that dramatically speeds up time to resolution.

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We walk with you.

Stakes are high when you’re looking at a new digital banking platform. With Banno, you’re never left hanging.

Product Implementation

Even before project go time, you know exactly what to expect. You’re assigned your very own implementation specialist with access to their direct line, and that person will stay with you for the entire implementation process to answer questions, coordinate work and ensure a timely finish.

Not only that, but you get a copy of your implementation plan, complete with timelines, a checklist of work to be done, and expectations around who will do what.


Monthly Meetups

Every month, our strategy team holds a call to keep lines of communication wide open. We want to hear from you. We want to know your business challenges, what you’re excited about in fintech, and how you’re experiencing our products.

We also take some time to update you on how we’re approaching our digital strategy. We talk about any shifts and changes we’re seeing in the industry around consumer user behavior. We also update our customers on our roadmap—that is, which features they can expect and when.

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Montly Meetups

Audit Preparedness

At signing, we equip you with a substantial and easy-to-comprehend due diligence packet that covers foundational details about Banno, our network information, and security practices—everything you need for a smooth audit of your digital channel.



Anytime you have a question or just need some help, you can easily get in contact with our knowledgeable support via our online portal or even the good ol’ telephone.

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