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Card Management

Guard your card anytime, anywhere.

Card fraud is prevalent, but minimizing the aftermath is simpler with user-accessible card controls. Let users cut the cord to their own card, shutting down fraudsters the moment they realize their card has been lost or compromised—on or off bankers’ hours—and protect your FI and your card holders from the devastation of card fraud.

Banno Card Management
Flip cards on/off

Flip the switch: card on/off.

Users can switch cards off and on at their discretion, giving them peace of mind should they lose their card, even after banking hours. Not to mention the ease of turning it back on when they find it between the seat and console in their car.

For FIs with CPS credit and debit cards.

Advanced Card Control with MyCardRules

Because MyCardRules is fully integrated with Banno, users have unique autonomy over fraud protection in the familiar comfort of your branded digital banking suite.

And with the MyCardRules integration, your branch retains the ability to serve and support your account holders. Through Support, the Banno tool that helps your FI deliver top-notch customer support, employees can perform the same functions on behalf of the users. Plus, your branch employees have visibility to cardrelated events—giving them the opportunity to step in and support users in times of uncertainty, building relationships and trust.

For FIs on the SilverLake core with CPS debit cards (CPS credit card functionality coming soon).

Advanced Card Control

Custom Controls

Set unique controls and alerts for each card holder on the account, including:


International Transactions

Users can opt to be notified about—or to block—transactions made out-of-country.

Control transactions made out-of-country
Control card spending limits

Spending Limits and Alerts


Users can opt to be notified about—or deny—purchases once their monthly threshold has been reached.


Users can opt to be notified about—or to block—transactions made above the user’s designated threshold.

Transaction Types

Users can opt to be notified about—or to block—the following types of transactions, as designated by your FI through mConsole:

In-store. Online. Mail/Phone order. Auto pay. ATM. Custom.

Merchant Types

Users can opt to be notified about—or to block—transactions made at the following types of merchants, as designated by your FI through mConsole:

Department store. Entertainment. Gas station. Grocery. Household. Personal care. Restaurant. Travel. Age-restricted.

Multiple Alert Channels

Multiple Alert Channels

Users know the moment an alert is triggered, thanks to notifications that are delivered to their preferred alert channel(s): email, text/SMS and in-app/push.

Keep your users in the know.

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