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Tell them what they want to know.

In every great relationship, communication is key, and banking is no exception. Your users want to be in-the-know about their balances and transactions. We’ve made improvements to Alerts to better keep everyone informed about what’s most important to them.

Banno banking alerts
Banno banking alerts

Keep your users in-the-know.

Your users expect alerts in their banking app to tell them when something important happens. We believe that good alerts should be timely, accessible, descriptive, and actionable. That’s why users can set customizable alerts for what’s most important to them—balances and transactions.

Awareness of account activity arms users against unauthorized charges and the threat of overdrafts. And we’re not stopping there. More alert types will be added over time.

Customizing alerts is easy.

Users set their own thresholds for their balance and transaction alerts. For example, a user can set their balance alerts to notify them when their account exceeds $1000.00 and when it dips below $100.00. They can even set up multiple alerts if they’d like.

Just as important as setting up the alert is choosing where it’s received. Users can choose to be emailed, texted or sent push notifications to their phones.

And of course, as the FI, you have complete control over which alert types and communication channels you give your users access to.

Manage your alerts

Multiple Alert Channels

Users know the moment an alert is triggered, thanks to notifications that are delivered to their preferred alert channel(s):



When email is a desired notification delivery method, each alert will be delivered to the email address associated with the user’s account.


When SMS/Text is a desired notification delivery method, each alert will be delivered to the mobile phone number associated with the user’s account.


When In-app/Push is a desired notification delivery method, a notification is displayed in-app. If the user allows push notifications, a notification will surface on their phone’s screen.

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