Gone are the days of managing multiple sites.

Your website doesn't sit on a desk anymore. That's why Banno websites are beautifully crafted using responsive design - giving your site the ability to determine the type of device, the screen size and the browser the user has, and automatically tailor content for that device.

Banno websites are built for high pixel density displays - which means your site is retina friendly and displays crystal clear content.

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One platform that does it all.

Whether you need to create a new page, manage images, publish a promotion, update
rates, respond to a form submission or define admin rights for your team — it can all be
managed through your Banno.com login.

Manage on the go.

What good is a content management system (CMS) if you can't access it on your new iPad? Banno develops for touch devices - including the development of your CMS. Access your latest form submissions on the fly, edit pages or manage assets. Whatever you can do from your desktop you can also do using the latest tablets.

Search engine friendly.

Banno websites utilize clean links, proper tagging and valid HTML5 code while following Web accessibility guidelines - making your website search engine friendly, and more importantly, human friendly.

Built-in to every site:

  • Sitemap.xml for search crawlers
  • Alternative text for images
  • Keyword and description management
  • Human-friendly page URLs
  • Customizable page titles
  • 301 Redirects

Example Promotions

Interest Checking

Earn interest on your checking account. Today's rate is 0.40%.

Earn 0.40% on your checking account.

Pay no ATM fees and earn interest on your account.

Easily update rates throughout your entire site.

Treasury Management gives you one place to update all your rates across your entire site, including rates in ads and promotions - saving you time and giving visitors the most up-to-date rate information available.

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Connect with the social services you love.

Whether you maintain a blog, a YouTube channel, a Facebook page or a Twitter account, all the social services you already use can easily be integrated with your site.

Group can manage assets
Group can manage forms
Group can edit pages
Group can publish changes
Group can create new pages
Group can delete pages
Group can edit treasury
Group can publish treasury
Group can manage users and groups

Choose contributors. Maintain control.

Contributors of all levels can help you manage your website. Set individual permissions, from full admin to a trusted editor. You can also give someone access to modify a certain part of the site but require approval from an admin before it's published - giving you the control you need to easily manage your website.

Support available every step of the way.

Our support team is available when you need them most. Everyone on our team is an experienced Banno.com user. There are no call centers, and nothing is outsourced.

Secure cloud hosting.

With Banno's reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure, there's no downtime, and no software you have to install or upgrade.

Seeing is believing.

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