• Updated for iOS 7
    Grip account aggregation

    Every bank account in one place.

    Right from your app.

    Giving your customers the ability to see all of their accounts, including third-party credit cards and accounts from external institutions, in one place is a powerful thing. With your app being the hub for all their financial details, you'll be reinforcing your brand and cross-promoting your products every time the app is launched - in most cases, multiple times a day.

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  • Merchant details from Grip

    Smart and useful merchant details.

    Transaction details that actually make sense.

    The Banno Enrichment Engine takes normal transaction data and enriches it with clean data and useful information like the merchant's phone number, location and URL. It also tracks and organizes spending behaviors across all accounts to provide useful insights through one view. Never before have transaction details looked this good and been this useful.

  • Account level alerts from Grip

    Always in the know.

    Alerts let customers know exactly what's happening with their finances.

    Account level alerts for low available balance, low available credit and payment due on a credit account keep customers informed about their finances around the clock. When the app is not running, alerts will be sent via push notifications, keeping customers engaged with your app throughout the entire day.

  • A realtime ledger for the digital age.

    No more waiting until Monday to see what you spent.

    Customers can upload photos of their receipts and checks and maintain a realtime stream of their purchasing capabilities - no guessing when the weekend payment will clear. Empower your customers with the ability to know exactly where they stand 24/7.

    A realtime ledger for the digital age
  • Move money with Grip

    Easily move money.

    Your customers are always on the move. Now, money can move with them.

    With account-to-account transfers, bill pay, and remote deposit capture, your customers can deposit and move money whenever they need. Bill pay and remote deposit capture are enhanced features and can be turned on or off as needed. Each feature is seamlessly integrated into the app for intuitive use and incredible speeds.

Use Grip on the go

From raw data to
actionable insights.

Manage marketing strategy intelligently and increase customer retention.

With analytics, your institution will be able to analyze complex customer behaviors in a realtime, easy-to-use dashboard. You can use these insights to discover new sales opportunities and increase wallet share, improve retention rates and develop targeted marketing initiatives.

Analytics dashboard
Use Grip on the go

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this mobile banking or just account aggregation?

Grip, a white-label financial aggregation app, is a decision support tool that supports consumers' day-to-day living by empowering them to effortlessly understand their money flow simply and without clutter. Grip converges mobile banking, mobile PFM and mobile bill pay in one native app.

What mobile platforms do you support?

Grip supports devices with iOS 5.0 or above and Android 2.1 or above. We selected these platforms because of their high penetration in the smartphone marketplace.

How does Grip work?

Grip is a financial decision support tool that allows your customers to aggregate all of their transactional data from multiple financial institutions into an instant collective view. Visit How Grip Works to learn more.

Does Grip connect to our core system?

One of Grips primary benefits is not requiring core integration, which enables an almost immediate and cost effective way for financial institutions to deploy mobile services. Grip provides core integrations on a core product basis. Additional integration fees are required.